Best Cheap and Cheerful Ways to Update Your Kitchen

Modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances and fresh vegetables.

A Kitchen is an all-time used space in a house, from breakfast in the morning to cooking lunch for your kids and having a complete family meal in the night. You cannot just ignore its importance. The kitchen also serves you in many ways other than just cooking food. This is the place where all your eatables are present, where you dine most of the time and also wash your dishes and run other chores. In short, a kitchen is the most used space in your home.

That being said, let us move to another dimension, if you bought a new house OR is making up your mind to renovate your kitchen for good, we have just the right ideas for you. Instead of being disorganized and a messy place, your kitchen should be well organised and a theme related which efficiently meet your possum needs. Here is a quick guide to amazing and cheerful ideas for updating your kitchen on a budget.

A kitchen with a wooden island and affordable stools.
best cheap and cheerful ways to update your Kitchen
  1. Update Hardware

You don’t need to gut the whole space or all of your wallet to get an overall new look, and you can do the same on a budget. The most promising way to update your kitchen is through renewing some of the hardware.

Hardware can completely change the look of the entire kitchen, and it can do the same for your cabinets and drawers, think of changing the design and layout of these two with something more appealing and eye-catching contrast. Instead of using the expensive material, you can choose the basic stuff and renovate accordingly. For this purpose you should consider the following;

  • Buy small appliances and use them as decorative accessories.
  • Try painting your cabinet with something fresh and limy.
  • Change the worn out hardware pieces with new and efficient ones.
  • Consider installing a new worktop; laminate could be a cost-effective strategy.
  • Try changing the handles of drawers and cabinets as well for a fresher look.
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A Best Cheap kitchen with a wooden table and pots and pans.

  1. Paint an accent wall

If Painting all the cabinets is a no game, don’t worry you can always choose to paint an accent wall. Wallpaper is a great way to add colour and vibrancy to your kitchen, and you may want to go more in-depth on the shade at least two folds deeper than your regular paint. This adds a stunning look to your kitchen and helps to create a specific theme around the place. Use only those wallpapers which are grease and heat resistant.

  1. Customize your Fabrics and Worktops

Instead of using those old and greasy fabrics for cleaning shelves and drying water off, try to bring some new colours into your kitchen. Fabrics can work wonders and don’t cost you much either. You can enhance the overall look by replacing fabric pieces and also your apron for that instance.

Another great way to update the look of your kitchen is by customising your worktop with different accessories. Display only selected items on open shelves and reorganise your worktop with beautiful crockery and other display.

  1. Change Lighting

Changing a few bulbs and adding extra lighting can bring wonders to your place when it comes to kitchen lighting, there is no best substitute other than Chandeliers and Pendants. These can not only add feverish texture to your kitchen but also change the mood of the kitchen as well. If you want a more theme-based kitchen to try using Chandelier, otherwise using pendant lighting is preferred. Other than those you should have task lights like spotlights and overhead lighting with an ambient display for the dining area.

  1. Kitchen Floor
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If your kitchen floor is letting the scheme down, you should change it already. For this purpose, you don’t need to break the old one. First, most of the kitchen floor experts recommend laying the new floor on top of the previous one as it cuts half the price and also adds a layer of protection. For classic or traditional kitchen try using pre-oiled oak with custom finish OR for modern approach try using tile, carpet, concrete or wood etc.

A wooden kitchen counter with sunflowers in a vase, perfect for the best cheap kitchen.

  1. Create a visual theme

Try to submerge the place into a particular theme of your liking, something just unique which holds every unit of the kitchen and turns it into a spectacular view. There are many themes and décor ideas out there to help you get started, some of them are as follows;

  • French-Country Kitchen Décor

For this particular theme, you can add large baskets and such for increased beauty and storage. Wrought iron designing on walls can lead to revolve French air among the room. Moreover using delicate florals and wine racks will surely give your kitchen a crazy French look.

A cheap kitchen with white cabinets and a table and chairs.

  • Coffee Décor Kitchen

By adding different splashes of coffee along the walls like paintings and other artwork, and having a bistro style dining table can add a vintage coffee style to your kitchen. Furthermore, you can try to add café style curtains or chalkboard paints on your cabinet for a distinctive look.

These were some fantastic ideas by which you can surely amazingly update your kitchen, without worrying much about the budget. Use these incredible ideas today and cherish the new look of your kitchen.

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