How To Create An Alluring Kitchen Design By Hanging Pots And Pans

A kitchen design featuring a large island and a unique brick ceiling.

Your favorite cookware collection is more than the items you need when preparing meals in your kitchen. What you have are artistic pieces whose unique beauty and qualities can be used to enhance your kitchen’s overall design. Below are a few tips for this:

1. Shine The Spotlight On A Standout Collection

The idea behind this kitchen design is to showcase your beloved cookware collection. Take the example of Sandy Brock, an interior designer. She and her husband have traveled the world for decades and brought back with them different memorabilia. They have put some of these pieces on display in their kitchen. Brock has a pot rack made from copper with integrated lighting in the middle, which bounces of from the metal beautifully illuminating the adjacent items and those on the rack.

2. The Backsplash Should Take A Back Seat

A movie critic that never misses attending the annual Cannes Film Festival in France always returns with handmade treasures that include pots. His preference is the Mauviel cookware, and he as quite a significant collection that has inspired the design of his kitchen. He has copper-colored Art Deco and bespoke bronze pot racks, and accent pieces on the lower kitchen cabinets. To ensure that his collection stands out, he opted for large-format white tiles with grout that blends for a seamless presentation.

3. Utilize That Small Range Backsplash Area

Kitchens with a small space meant for hanging cookware collections can make the most of the available space. The idea is to injecting something unique that will help enhance that area. For instance, you can install an elegant copper weathervane to accentuate your copper pots and pans. Or invest in carbon steel skillets, an alternative to cast iron. This creates an alluring focal point especially when you highlight with lights

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4. Make The Most Of The Kitchen Island’s Proportions

If you have a huge kitchen island with a rack overhead to match, you should ensure that the two are scaled accordingly. If it is a square island, then you should have a smaller square rack so that the overall presentation is appealing to the eye. If it is a rectangular island, then you should scale down the rack overhead to have a smaller rectangular or overall one.

You should imagine that the edges of the countertop reach to the ceiling. Then every piece you wish to hand from the rack should fit into this imaginary box. When it comes to the height, you should ensure that you have a clear view at eye level. Also, makes sure that your items are within reach. When determining the dimensions, take into account the length of the hooks you are to use as the longest pierces you plan to hang.

A kitchen with pots and pans hanging from the ceiling, showcasing innovative kitchen design.

5. Use Open Shelving Around The Range

Interior Designer Tanya Capaldo has a deep love for the countryside style of kitchens in Italy and France that has inspired much of her kitchen’s design. She, however, did keep to the traditional American way of keeping things open when it comes to the cabinetry by install open lower and upper shelving around the range. She also does incorporate glass doors for the cabinets in keeping with the overall design.

She has lots of pots and pans, many of which are made from copper. But her kitchen is a blend of metals that include polished and antique bronze as well as stainless steel. Capaldo managed to create the perfect fusion of HomeGoods and the items she finds in her world travel.

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6. Inject Some order

For some homes, having their cookware collection at the heart of their kitchen’s design is a must. For instance, some people will have two custom iron rails on which they line up their favorite pieces in a specific order. It can be based on the shape, size, or color.  The result is a neat presentation of the cookware that does not overwhelm the overall design of the kitchen. It also ensures every item is within reach.

7. Utilize The Empty Vertical Space

Having empty vertical space in the kitchen is not something that many homeowners find sensible. That is why they will opt to install shelving, and some keep things simple by mounting custom racks, hooks, and railings on which they will keep their beloved cookware. 

8. Create A Uniquely Special Rack

Homeowner Marie Barth design an Italian countryside inspired kitchen. In it, she has incorporated different things that she has found or collected and sees potential in them. For instance, she has an old iron lamp she found at a salvage yard, which she uses to hold her pots. Her kitchen also has many other interesting pieces she made stand out by incorporating a dart patina and peerless silhouette to their presentation.

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