Bringing Home The Bacon – Choosing Your Dream Kitchen

A white kitchen with a large center island and lighting.

Designing the perfect kitchen used to be for top-notch chefs who needed both space and equipment to whip up their culinary delights. Today, with materials becoming increasingly affordable, anyone can afford to have the kitchen of their dreams. Furthermore, with the many designs available online or through any home and garden magazine, you have so many different ways to design the space.

In fact, renovating or designing your kitchen has become so accessible that with finding the right connection to home builders in Sydney, you too can have a kitchen to match all kitchens. However, when starting this remodel, there are a number of considerations homeowners should make before buying materials, including budget, space and function. After hashing out the details, those looking to renovate their kitchen can jump in and learn a multitude about design and function.

Continue reading to learn how you can redesign your kitchen space and create your dream kitchen.

Research Contractors

When deciding to renovate, the first factor to take into consideration is finding a reliable contractor who can finish the work in a timely manner. Look for contractors with experience and the requisite licences, as there are guarantees when going with a licenced contractor. Shop around and look at the work of the contractors before settling on one, so you have an idea of the quality of their work.

Look At The Space

Regardless of the room’s use, you should aim to maximise the space you have in the kitchen. For example, some people choose to install an island that has multiple uses, like a sink and cooking functions. Others choose to make use of space by incorporating a microwave above the stove to save counter space.

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A Swedish kitchen with wooden beams and a blue striped rug.
Elizabeth Cooper’s Sag Harbor Home – Lonny Magazine

Cabinetry is important as well. Kitchens outfitted with large drawers and numerous cabinets are definite space savers. Ultimately, you want an aesthetically appealing kitchen, but you also want to make use of the space, whether the kitchen is small or large.

Employ The Triangle

This design for a kitchen places the stove, refrigerator and the sink in a triangle. Of the space savers, this is ideal because when cooking or working in the kitchen it places the three most needed appliances in close proximity, making cooking convenient and less messy. Also, this can reduce the amount of prep and clean up time a person spends cooking, whilst containing the hustle that occurs during cooking in one central location.

Appropriate Ventilation

Because a lot of grease, oil, and other foods splatter and create odours when cooking, your kitchen should also be equipped with ventilation like an extractor fan over the hob to avoid holding on to odours.  

A kitchen island with chairs.
Kitchen island with seating on two sides invites conversation. (

A good ventilation system can also prolong the life of your other appliances. Moreover, odours should not remain trapped in the kitchen, much less in any other area of the home.

Choose Practical Flooring

Whilst quality wood floors look beautiful in the kitchen, if you are someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen or if your family spends a lot of time in the kitchen, this type of flooring is not practical in a place where food and water spills happen routinely. Wood flooring will have to be maintained to remain in good shape as well. For this reason, those looking to redesign their kitchen should look into tiled flooring or a hybrid of wood flooring that can withstand wear and tear. Floors that are easy to clean and maintain are always a go-to, especially if a number of people are going to use the space.

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A kitchen with wooden beams and a Mediterranean-style checkered floor.

Important Factors When Redesigning

Whilst there are numerous factors that are important when renovating kitchen space, paying attention to those that really relate to the function of the kitchen are as important as aesthetic qualities. A kitchen that allows you to move around comfortably and that makes work in the kitchen convenient can be one that is freshened up every so often.

A chic and charming farmhouse-style kitchen with a table and chairs.
Charming farmhouse style kitchen (Houzz)

In the end, keeping function in mind while redesigning your kitchen space, will mean that it only needs updating once in a while going forward.

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