Exposed: The Secrets to Unique Black & White Kitchen

White kitchens were too bright, and dark kitchens were too dull until the black and white kitchen came— and have since been the perfect embodiment of balance in home design.

This trend stands the test of time and never disappoints especially if you love designs with contrasting colors.

It is also the right makeover because it is easy to tweak depending on your seasonal design needs. You may want to think of it like a flexible dress that you can pull in almost any occasion.

The Numerous Perks of Black and White

A black and white kitchen with a dining table and chairs.

A black and white kitchen with a dining table and chairs.


Mixing black and white is a sure way to decorate whether your home boasts an ancient theme or flaunts futuristic features.

Besides, it is the easiest way to achieve more than one shade without clashing colors or messing up your home design.

A monochrome kitchen with a checkerboard floor.

You’ll also love the idea of black and white kitchen because these colors can fit in many different places. From the wall, to the cabinets, and from the floor underfoot to the ceiling overheard, it suits everywhere.

This flexibility allows you to achieve a complete 2-color look that you cannot achieve easily with any other pair or duo.

A modern black and white kitchen with wooden floors.

You can also complement with black and white appliances which are relatively common compared to other shades.  And the result is wow!

Lastly, there’s no limit to the styles and tricks you can do to make a black and white kitchen stand out from the crowd.

How to Do a Black & White Pantry

A monochrome kitchen with a center island.

A B & W kitchen can be done in many different ways. Check out if any of these will fit your kitchen.

Keep It Sleek: 9 Contemporary Kitchen Ideas for 2020

1. Go Monochrome

A black and white kitchen with white cabinets.

Black and white kitchen with white cabinets and black appliances.

If you are the minimalist who doesn’t want to complicate their B&W kitchen project then the key is to go monochrome.

Many monochromatic black and white designs allow white to dominate. And then add hints and traces of black to break the monotony.

You can do this to a rustic, modern or futuristic kitchen and the outcome is always fabulous.

2. Balanced black & white

A monochromatic kitchen with a chalkboard wall.

If balance means everything to you then a balanced black and white kitchen offers you a chance to express this trait in the design world.

In this approach, white covers 50% percent of your kitchen and black dominates the other half. But you can still break it with another shade. For instance, you can have a wooden floor and/or ceiling, as long as black and white share what’s left.

3. Marry black and white with other shades

A black and white kitchen with a sliding glass door.

Kitchen 2 700x236

Black and white is not written in stone. You can invite your favorite shade(s) or hues as long as you make it obvious that you’re after a black and white kitchen.

For instance, you can paint your kitchen island in a preferred color to break the black & white monotony.

4. Checked black and white

A monochrome kitchen with marble counters.

Adding elements of checked black and white, or a complete checked floor, is an excellent way to complete any black and white kitchen.

And if you have other ideas for a floor then a checked wallpaper is a great way to achieve this style.




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