Throw Pillow Varieties for Cushion Lovers

A throw pillow or cushion is probably the next thing that comes into your mind after buying a sofa. It makes a beautiful accessory to your bed to add comfort and impact. However, not all throw pillows are created equal. They are made of different sizes, shapes, materials, and patterns. So which one should you choose?

Picking the right cushion depends on your sofa, your living room style, your motif, your living area’s color scheme, and of course, the texture and feel that will suit your needs. To help you decide on the right cushion for your living room and bedroom, we have laid out the different types of throw pillows for your guidance.   

Types according to shape and size

Cushions come in different shapes and sizes. Choosing the shape and size of throw pillows depend on the size of your furniture, as well as the look you want to create. If you want a simple and neat look, you can go for cushions of uniform shape and size. However, to create a more casual and dynamic feel, you can combine various shapes and sizes.       


Square is the most common shape of cushion that matches different home styles. Its sizes vary, starting at 16”x16” to 24”x24”. You can mix sizes to accommodate various needs for different body sizes and to create a laid-back look.   


Another familiar shape we see among cushions is the round type. A circular cushion will look great as an accent to square throw pillows. The look will create variety and zest for your sofa.  

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Lumbar pillows have both health and aesthetic benefits. They add style and variety to your sofa and provide back support to make sitting more comfortable. Lumbar pillows are also suited for you if you always work on your bed. With a lumbar pillow to support your lower back and underneath your knees, you will help minimize the harmful effects of working on your bed in the long run.  


Bolsters are cylindrical pillows that are primarily found in beds. Just like lumbar pillows, these pillows provide support by allowing you to prop up your back or arms when you sit by the bed. Bolsters also make an excellent fit for your chaise lounge or l-shaped sofa, especially if you love lounging in your living room.    

Types according to fabric

Cushions are also made of different fabrics. These are the common ones you can find:


Cotton is probably one of the most popular cushion fabrics, and it’s easy to see why. It is soft, cool, and gentle on the skin. It is also durable, washable, and easy to maintain. Finally, cotton cushions can come in different colors, prints, and designs to match any look you want to create.     


Another durable and low-maintenance material you can have for your cushion is linen. Linen is a natural cloth made from flax plants. It has a unique wrinkled appearance, which is good if you want this look for your throw pillow. Linen is also absorbent and fast-drying, making it an excellent option for outdoor furniture cushions.  

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Wool is another soft and comfortable fabric with a unique texture you can use for a cushion. Wool is versatile enough to keep you cool during summer and warm during winter. It also has a unique look perfect for a cottage, farmhouse, or even a traditional homestyle.  


With the rise of synthetic fabrics, polyester emerges as one of the most popular, being very tough and versatile. It can be used to blend with cotton and other natural materials to make them more durable, soft, and comfortable. Polyester throw pillows are also available in various colors, designs, and prints to match any home look.


If you fancy having a luxurious and ultra-soft feel to your cushion, go for velvet. Its rich colors also help create a stunning living room accessory. Velvet also adds warmth to your room, making it a fitting fabric come wintertime.  

Fur or faux fur

Fur is another very comfortable and luxurious-looking cushion material that is becoming a trend in many homes. Fur is a soft and plush fabric that will make a great companion for lounging on your sofa or your chaise. Just be aware, though, that this may not be an advisable material if you have allergies as it can collect dust. This material may also be more delicate to care for and maintain compared to other cushion fabrics.      

Other throw pillow types

Throw pillows may vary according to their fill, such as polyester fiberfill, foam, and down filling. They may also differ according to prints and other embedded materials, like sequins, rhinestones, buttons, embroidery, patchwork, and more. 

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