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Real estate agents are tasked to be intermediaries between buyers and sellers of properties in the real estate market. They not only facilitate the process of dealings but also save buyers from a lot of disappointment and false deals. Realtors help buyers find properties within their budget and also help with the bidding process by utilizing the sales data and comparing previous sales. 

Real estate agent is an umbrella term for a lot of niches. Some realtors are experts in commercial sales in addition to residential property transactions. Others work as listing agents only for sellers, while some agents may even work both for sellers and buyers. When sellers and buyers both hire agents, they negotiate and counter-negotiate with each other until a deal is finalized, including all paperwork.

Despite everyone’s best intentions, there are specific signs you should look for, and qualities you want in a good realtor, to ensure a smooth transaction and a transparent purchasing experience. Given that this is perhaps the most major purchase many people take on, let’s explore those signs! 

Clear Communication 

A great real estate agent has exceptional communication skills. When a realtor communicates well and without any flaws, they have a positive influence on people, whether it be others or you. This skill is very important when you are selling your property. Your agent’s communication skills don’t just motivate you to be active, but they also affect any prospective buyers as they market your property and strategize. This has the potential to change the whole buying and selling game. 

Great communication skills also equates to great listening skills. A good realtor will tell you what to do but a great realtor will sit down patiently and listen to exactly what you need before finding solutions. Listening also allows them to understand you better as a client. 

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Additionally, a good rule of thumb is to avoid realtors that are very “busy’”; So busy in fact that they don’t prioritize you, and your deal lacks the attention it needs. If your real estate agent takes your calls, emails, and texts immediately, you know that you’re working with a great realtor! 


Knowledgeable realtors are very important when it comes to buying and selling property. A great real estate agent has a lot of working knowledge about your market and market trends. They should share this knowledge with you by updating you throughout the process and giving you first hand information from time to time. 

The knowledge that a realtor has also makes them a better communicator; They understand exactly what’s going on and how important it is to pass this knowledge along to you as a homeowner or a buyer. 

For example, in a hot market like Boulder, Colorado, the Boulder real estate agents at Burgess Group | Compass continually stay ahead of the knowledge curve and advise clients on items such as clearance paperwork well in advance. This goes a long way in reducing anxiety and is the mark of a great agent! When you’re a buyer, your realtor’s proactive knowledge will help you find the ideal property in your budget. When you’re the homeowner, their knowledge can help you find the right way to market your property. 


Resourcefulness is one of the most important traits that all great real estate agents possess. Even with good communication skills and knowledge, a lot of realtors won’t separate themselves from the pack because they lack the capacity to fully utilize those qualities. Resourcefulness comes out as a full blown trait when an agent has real, more practical knowledge about the market in which they work. Resourceful real estate agents like the Boulder realtors at Burgess Group | Compass have a better understanding of their local area and have a bigger network they can resourcefully utilize. This can be particularly useful to smooth the entire real estate transaction process.

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A realtor with more than enough resourcefulness, combined with local knowledge, will never give up! Even when circumstances become adverse, a great realtor will always find ways to accomplish tasks with patience and experience. They will stand by your side and fight for the best deal for you!


A great real estate agent will be as honest as possible with you as they work to understand what’s best for you, and they will value your resources. They would rather give you the honest truth, even if it jeopardizes their interests, because they have your best interests in mind over theirs. They want to go above and beyond so you get the most out of your transaction. If you’re in the market and fail to see the tell-tale signs of a great realtor, or if they aren’t producing desired results, change your realtor soon! You don’t want to waste precious resources. 

Want to learn more about the makings of a great realtor? Explore the Burgess Group of Boulder realtors. Specializing in high-end and custom homes with a commitment to exceptional customer service, they are the perfect example of great Boulder real estate agents, offering transparency and knowledge.

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