10 Benefits of Solid Hardwood Flooring

A living room with hardwood flooring and a large window.

If you’re trying to decide between carpet, hardwood, and tile, then consider these 10 benefits of solid hardwood flooring that were compiled by the experts at Pacific Hardwood Flooring when making your decision on what to get and who to install it.

1. It Feels Natural

There is no denying the connection people have to nature. Being a natural compound, humans are naturally drawn to wood and fine craftsmanship in hardwood floors and designs have gone from being a trade to a fine art and an architectural style studied by students. People often describe log cabins as “charming”, and certain types of wood feel like they have a story to them if they look aged. 

2. Types of Wood

Wood is extremely versatile and you can find almost any type of wood to match the design of your space. The color, size, and shape of the wood allow for flexibility in creating a unique flooring design for your entryway or business. A darker wood creates a different mood and feeling compared to a lighter, warmer wood. 

A kitchen with hardwood flooring and white cabinets.

3. Neutral Look Fits Any Aesthetic

From a cabin in the woods to a condo on the shore to a ranch in the southwest, hardwood floors are suitable for just about any building and aesthetically fits with almost all interior design styles. 

4. Easy To Maintain

Many people choose hardwood flooring over carpeting because it’s less stressful than having to worry about accidental spills and stains, especially with young children. Hardwood floors are easy to clean.

5. Durable

Pet “accidents” and spills from food, paint, or any other item a child is playing with can stain a carpet permanently, but with hardwood floors, they can usually be cleaned with a paper towel and disinfectant. Many cleaners are tough on germs and will not harm the finish, so you can mop the floor and be assured that it is sanitized without losing its look.

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A living room with hardwood flooring and white furniture.

6. Long-Lasting Investment

Because wood resists those daily marks and scratches, it can last up to several years, even decades. As a big investment, you will want to be sure you ask questions and go over your options before installation.

7. Budget

Your costs will depend on the square footage of flooring and the materials used, as well as the labor. If you are looking to save money on a larger room then another material may be a great alternative.

8. Maintains Its Color

This can be especially important for dark woods that were intentionally chosen to give a mood to a room. Even with cleaning, foot traffic, and sunlight from windows, wood generally keeps its color over time. 

9. Easy To Refinish

If for some reason you do notice a mark or a scratch on your floor, or if there was damage to your house in a weather-related event, you will want to refinish the floor. With wood, it’s fairly simple and straightforward to restore a floor after any sort of damage.

10. It’s Healthier

Carpet can collect and trap dust, pet hairs, and dander. You would need to vacuum thoroughly every day in order to prevent this. Hardwood floors, however, don’t trap the dust and allow it to collect. Dust particles float along and don’t get trapped in deep layers of the floor. Some people just use a dry mop to collect hair, fur, and dust, and with this regular maintenance enjoy a clean space.

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