6 Easy Ways to Keep Your Aircon in Perfect Shape

A man using a brush to clean an aircon unit.

Having an air conditioner at home is one of the best ways for you to get access to cool and clean air. Not only that, using the appliance can also boost your overall productivity and mood, giving you the privilege of instant comfort with whatever you do at any given time of the day. But with constant use and over time, the aircon unit can experience a number of performance issues that can spell trouble for you as an aircon owner. This includes cases of cooling, odor to dirt-related issues that can seriously affect your productivity and even your health.

However, keeping your aircon in tip-top shape can also be made all the more easy just by following a number of expert-approved tips. From simple maintenance checks to energy-saving hacks, here are 6 easy ways you can follow to make sure your air conditioner stays in perfect shape.


 Turn your air conditioner off during repairs and downtimes


Whether you’re doing a quick fix on your aircon or going out of the house for a quick walk in the park, turning your unit off regularly can do wonders in preserving its performance capabilities. Since the aircon spends most of the day producing cool air for you and your family, giving the unit a break occasionally can help prolong its lifespan — letting you save more time and money in the process. Additionally, when doing repairs on your unit by yourself, it’s also important to stop the machine from running to avoid the risk of electrical faults inside the unit.

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Clean your aircon regularly


Like any other appliance, the aircon unit also requires regular cleaning and maintenance. You can keep the machine free from dust and dirt by doing a monthly cleaning schedule. During this time, you can scrub and wipe the aircon free of any harmful dust particles that can affect your health at home. From cleaning the aircon filter all the way to the unit’s external frames, taking the time to tidy up your machine can help in improving its air quality and total lifespan. However, if you don’t have the time and knowledge to perform this task, you can always seek the help of a professional air conditioner service provider to make your life easier.


Pay close attention to common aircon problems


Being knowledgeable of the common problems that can affect an aircon is very helpful so you can stay one step ahead and do instant fixes right away. To do this, you need to familiarize yourself with the usual signs that signal a faulty aircon: little to no cooling power, noisy aircon, musty aircon smell, blinking aircon lights and even tiny debris coming out of the aircon! If you happen to experience any of these or find that what you’re currently seeing is out of the ordinary for your unit, try booking a repair appointment right away.


Remove debris and foliage from the unit


To make sure that your aircon stays extra new and clean, remove any debris or fallen leaves that may have built up outside the unit over time. If your aircon unit is located outside the house, then this is a simple but important step that you shouldn’t skip out on. Fallen leaves, tree twigs and even tiny pebbles often find their way into the deepest corners of your unit, causing it to perform poorly and inefficiently. The solution? Make a weekly or monthly clearing schedule to remove these usual suspects from your unit. You can expect your unit to run smoothly and more efficiently if it’s clean and clear of any unwanted dirt!

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Keep your curtains and blinds closed during warm weather


Are you currently experiencing the peak of the summer season? Then you might want to be more wary of your aircon’s capacity and performance. Since warmer weather usually means your unit will perform double time just to give you the cool air that you need, it can also result in the machine’s breakdown if left unmoderated. That is why it’s important to help your unit during this time of the year by giving it the cool shade that it needs — through your home curtains and blinds. You might think that these fixtures are only good for keeping the sun’s shade at bay but they can also help in preventing some of the heat from entering your home, easing the pressure on your aircon to always perform at its highest capacity.


Schedule regular aircon checkup and maintenance


To make sure that your aircon continues performing well, you need to schedule an appointment with a company that offers aircon maintenance in Singapore or wherever you’re located. At the end of the day, nothing beats proper care and maintenance for your unit if you want it to last you for a long period of time. Doing this regularly will also save you from more expensive repair costs down the line and help you save more money!

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