Best AC Setting For Your Home In Summer

A living room with white furniture and a window, equipped with home air conditioning.

Summer is a tough season in most parts of the country. The heat can get stifling and keeping your home cool may be a big challenge. In fact, it becomes practically impossible to survive without your AC running day and night.

The biggest concern for the majority of American homeowners during this part of the year is the high electricity bills they may face. Still, the solution lies in running your air conditioning system at the best setting so that you can keep your home cool without digging a hole in your pocket. Let us explain how to decide the best AC setting for the US summer.

 Achieve a balance between your comfort and energy bills.

As a homeowner, your prime objective should be to keep your living space comfortable while ensuring that your electricity bills stay in budget. The ideal temperature varies according to the time of the day because the outdoor temperature determines your cooling needs.  According to the US Department of Energy, your home AC should be programmed to run at 78°F for summer days.

Running your air conditioner at AC at 85°F during daytime works if you leave for the office and there is no one home. This can save your power bills to a considerable extent while keeping the place optimally cool. However, anything between 60°F and 70°F is optimal when you are home. The same temperature range is suitable for the night because you would want good sleep with the room being cool and comfortable. 

Keep your AC in a good shape

While running your home AC at an optimal temperature is vital, you cannot ignore the significance of keeping it in a good shape. Regular maintenance checks are important. Also, you must opt for immediate AC repair Las Vegas when anything seems out of order.

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Take even small signs such as poor airflow, leakage and unusual sounds seriously because they can aggravate major issues. Don’t try troubleshooting issues yourself; rather call expert professionals to handle them. If you continue to run your AC despite maintenance and repair requirements, you cannot expect it to give you optimal cooling. At the same time, it can increase energy consumption even without effective results. 

Use a programmable thermostat

Another good idea for ensuring the perfect temperature setting for your AC system during summers is using a programmable thermostat. It can be set to maintain a specific temperature within your living space. In fact, it is capable of shutting down the AC when the optimal temperature is reached and then turning it again when the temperature rises.

  This means that your air conditioner does not run all day when you are not home. A newer invention is a smart thermostat that can be programmed even when you are out of the home. You just need a mobile app to operate it and you can control it from the office.

Now that you know all about running your air conditioner smartly in summers, it becomes much easier to cut down your power bills. Run your AC in the right setting and enjoy a cool summer ahead! 

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