6 Things Professional Home Stager Do that Make an Impact

A woman debunking home staging myths by holding up a sign.

Are checklists all you need for a perfect property staging, or do you need the help of a professional home stager?

Frankly, having this checklist is not a complete recipe for the type of home you want to put in the market for buyers to see; you need some professional home staging skills to supplement the knowledge.

A living room with blue walls and brown furniture showcasing beautiful color combinations.
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Here just a few things an expert home stager will do that a checklist can’t do.

1. Showcase your home’s best features

Most home sellers don’t realize that a turned-out use of design principles can show off the best and “hide” the bad features of your house. In most cases, if the positive features out-do the negative aspects, the buyer might overlook the negative aspects.

A living room with leather furniture.

Remember, your target is to sell your home and not your furnishings. Therefore, your aim is to have the best features of every single room seen by potential buyers. And that’s what a qualified home stager should do.

2. Pick the perfect colors for your home

Wow! So now your home is professionally decorated and looks as gorgeous as it should. The only thing you might have forgotten is to highlight colors. How does your home look in a photo; does it stand a chance in the online market?

A contemporary collage of office furniture and desks.

Since a good number of buyers begin the process of home searching in the online market, the photos you post should bring potential clients to your doorstep. And professional home stagers know how to blend the colors to make your home look more attractive and captivating.

3. Provide support

Selling a home can be a daunting process. A professional home stager will guide you through the necessary steps, provide resources, and work with your real estate agent.

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Even better, after the staging process, qualified home stagers will showcase their good work by posting online photos of your well-staged home. Most stager have websites and social media pages that may expose your home to many potential buyers.

4. Home stagers will help you remain objective

While most home sellers think that they can be objective, the fact is only a handful can. It requires an expert’s intervention. The truth is, the designs and decorations we carry out on our own are what we love seeing. Unfortunately, this does not mean all buyers will fall in love with your attractive decoration.

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That’s the main reason you need the help of a professional home stager. Having been in the business for a long time, they know what it takes to change your personal style into a design that most – if not all buyers will see and smile.

5. Rearrange your furniture

The essence of staging is to create as much space as possible to allow prospective buyers to move freely and admire the spacious home. Organizing your furniture could be tricky, especially if you are targeting a buyer’s attention.

A living room with antique furniture and a coffee table.

To a professional home stager, less is more! They’ve got what it takes to make your home look just-the-thing in the eye of a buyer with the right arrangement of chairs, tables and whatever furniture you have.

6. Shop for you at lower prices!

Most home sellers who visit staging websites prefer having a small tight budget for a list of items they require for staging. They also prefer to shop on their own; which is a poor home staging practice – sorry to say. Because if you do this alone, you may end up spending on expensive things you don’t need for a successful home staging.

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A living room with couches and a coffee table, debunking home staging myths.

The good thing about letting a home stager shop for you is that once they inspect your home, they know the right accessories you need to purchase. Therefore, you won’t buy unnecessary stuff at exorbitant prices.



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