10 Trendy Scandinavian Kitchen Designs to Inspire Your Cooking

A Scandinavian Kitchen with stainless steel appliances.

While Scandinavian living or bedrooms reveal the style’s versatility, a Scandinavian kitchen is the cherry on the cake.

It flaunts the bold and unique features of the Scandinavian Style and allows you to go beyond white walls. You can actually add a touch of color, blend in timber, focus on clear lines, and leverage the beauty of texture.

Beyond the basics, you can add some plants, use bright-colored cabinets, do strategic spacing and lighting, and go concrete on the floor.

A Swedish kitchen with a black and white checkered floor.

Here are some modern styles to try.

1. Open-plan Scandi with Free-standing unit

Space can be the beauty of a Scandinavian cooking area. But adding an isolated, island or free-standing unit can make it more eye-grabbing.

A Scandinavian kitchen with white cabinets and bar stools.

2. Scandinavian style in attic kitchen

Again, stray off the normal. Make Scandinavian the theme in your Attic kitchen for a brighter cooking space.

A kitchen with khaki cabinets.

3. Open shelving in Scandi

Scandinavian is known for wide cabinets. Even more, you can replace those with exposed or open shelves for an outstanding look.

A Scandinavian kitchen with wooden shelves and pots.

4. Scandinavian with Exposed Brick-wall

Add an exposed brick wall to your white modern Scandinavian kitchen and enjoy the beauty of the resulting contrast.

5. Bold-and-Dark Scandinavian

Incorporating black appliances, units or cabinets is an excellent way to go bold and dark with a Scandi kitchen.

A 3d rendering of a modern Scandinavian kitchen.

6. Scandi with rustic

You can also add some rough features to your Scandi kitchen to give it a rustic feel. Tables, chairs or flooring can be used to achieve this beautiful roughness.

Scandinavian kitchen with a wooden island.

7. Scandinavian minimalism

Minimalism gives your Scandinavian cooking area a unique look. Try wide cabinets and clear lines for a bold look.

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A white Scandinavian kitchen with gray cabinets.

8. Scandinavia with Chalkboard

Chalkboards go way back. Used effectively, they can bring in the black you need to make a white Scandinavian livelier.

9. Mixing colors in Scandi

Mixing bold, bright and dull colors can make a white Scandi kitchen appealing to the eye.

A yellow kitchen with black and white furniture, Scandinavian style.

10. Monochrome Scandinavian

Monochrome artistry can be the difference between an ordinary all-white Scandi and a masterpiece.

A Scandinavian kitchen with wooden floors and a window.

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