Simple and Practical Kitchen Wall Decoration Ideas

Kitchen décor ideas featuring a wine rack and potted plant.

Kitchen décor ideas don’t have to mean spending in the clouds or doing complex renovations. A simple touch can transform your kitchen from a boring cooking space to an epitome of fashion and design.

Decorating a kitchen wall can range from simple things like conspicuous paintings or a captivating color palette, to super-creative art like flaunting wine bottles and exposing utensils.

A wooden wine rack adds to kitchen décor.

So what are some DIY kitchen décor ideas to consider?

1. Conspicuous Painting on kitchen wall

A stand-alone painting on a separate wall is an excellent way to draw attention to your décor. Make sure it stands bold and beautiful just like the one we see below.

A kitchen featuring a wooden floor and window, perfect for inspiring kitchen décor ideas.

2. Floor to ceiling Menu/Shopping-list Chalkboard in industrial kitchen wall

Picture the kitchen in the image below minus the blackboard; it would be boring and lifeless. But thanks to the old school chalkboard and the white writings it made it to number 2 in our list.

Kitchen with chalkboard wall.

3. Open Shelves flaunting Plates and Pots Paired with Mockup

Plates and pots in an open shelf is an excellent way to bring action to an idle wall. This designer adds mockup features— a white empty space enclosed in a frame— which further beautifies the rather dull kitchen wall.

Modern kitchen with wooden bar and large picture for kitchen décor ideas.

4. Large kitchen window lined with Greens

Instead of a wall, you can have a wide uncurtained window as the background to your kitchen. Lining it all round with vegetation like this artist did is like adding cherry on a cake.

A white kitchen with green plants hanging from the ceiling, perfect for kitchen décor ideas.

5. The color palette

The perfect mixing of colors in the kitchen below explains why color is definitely one way to go when looking to decorate you cooking area.

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A colorful kitchen with blue and pink walls.

6. The kitchen wallpaper

But if you can’t think of the right color combination to form a perfect palette then a wallpaper can do. Here’s a perfect example of wall paper décor in kitchen.

A small kitchen with a wooden counter top that offers kitchen décor ideas.

Which of these easy-to-do and cheap kitchen décor ideas fits your cooking area’s looks and design?

Remember, not all may fit your space or preferences so always spend quality time searching to make the right choice.

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