How to choose a kitchen faucet 

A contemporary kitchen with a stainless steel faucet.

A kitchen faucet is an essential appliance that can transform the kitchen environment in moments. However, it takes up very less space in your kitchen but promises to give the kitchen a smart look. Kitchen faucets differ in various ways, such as design, construction, usability and such other factors. A buyer should focus on every single factor from faucet manufacturer to other factors  in detail while looking for a new kitchen faucet. 

Fits right

Before even listing the details of all features you must consider in a faucet, ensure to have an idea or picture prepared within your mind of an exact fixture that you will prefer to have installed in your kitchen. One’s satisfaction comes above every other factor. Before choosing a faucet, it is required that you have an accurate measurement of the sink and the surrounding space where your faucet is to be fixed. Also, equally look after the style, design, construction, colour and finish. Invest your money only in the one that fits the best. 


A faucet can seem like a very simple splashing water appliance. But, it carries some unique features such as spray heads for easy cleaning purpose and fast filling of the larger capacity of water, Touchless system that allows a faucet to be operated just with the sensor system. Also, some faucets have a filtration feature which makes them more preferable. 

Different Value Types

An efficient faucet comes with an inbuilt temperature controller and water regulating system. According to the requirement, the water flow works on the user’s command, making a move to on or off the faucet handle. 

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Though faucet values are of various kind, some are visibly seen more often, such as Ball value, cartridge value or compression value. So, a user can look for these and more types while purchasing a new faucet. 

Faucet Finish

It is one of the very significant factors to consider in detail. A perfect finish means to rely on the product for longer durability. When looking for a faucet finish, a buyer needs to focus on its colour, check if it can last for years, and, as an additional factor, is rust and dirt resistant. 

With modern advancement, a large variety of faucet finishes are available these days. A buyer must make sure to pick the metal finish that goes well with their other appliances colour and gives the kitchen a finished look. One can choose various finishes, mainly from are Chrome finish, Nickel finish, copper finish, and stainless steel. 

Number of holes

If you notice closely, some sinks have already inbuilt holes, but it can be absolutely the buyer’s decision in others. The number of holes can differ from one to four holes. Deciding amongst these number of holes simply depends on the faucet you pick up and the style you have already pictured in your mind or imagination. 

Size of the Faucet

A Faucet is generally a very simple and compact designed appliance that can be installed and fixed in its place. But even after being a fixture, a faucet needs sufficient space to regulate and rotate comfortably. For this, while buying a specific size faucet, make sure that whatever faucet you decide to purchase is of accurate measurement, not too big or not too small. It fits right in your sink and moves very smoothly. The faucet measurement includes the height, level, or reliability should be coordinated well with the kitchen sink. 

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