Kitchen Remodeling With Natural Stone – 5 Budget-Friendly Ways

A kitchen remodeling with white cabinets and stainless steel appliances.

Are you looking for home remodeling? Start with a kitchen makeover. Kitchen remodeling is the significant home improvement one can do to adore the place. The kitchen is like a temple for the homemakers. It’s become an essential room in the house. Find more information from Boss Design kitchen remodeling hacks.

Homemakers spend a lot of time cooking cuisine for their better half, kids and family. If it’s that more important, then it’s designed should also be unique and catchy. So, it’s the time for kitchenette makeover!

The cooking place is the heart of the home. So make a wise investment. It doesn’t mean that you have to go out of your pocket. There are several options to renovate the dream kitchen on the cheap.

A kitchen renovation featuring white cabinets and stainless steel appliances.

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics says that “The kitchen is not a room, but the heart and soul of the entire house. It’s the place where nourishment begins. The best experience for family members is coming into a house with delicious aromas.

The place where families sit together for hunger and sharing talks!”.

How well you organized your cooking room, says a lot about you. Decorate it with the best design idea by combining natural and manufactured elements. Here we provide you with the best small as well as large kitchen remodeling ideas.


Whether you have to live in your house for another year to come or want to resale, kitchen makeover is essential. Now the question arises what to consider when remodeling a kitchen?

Below are some of the ways to develop the best kitchen designs.

Things To Consider Before Buying Kitchen Worktops

1. The Surface Covering

The charm of the kitchen is not dependent on its large size. Even though, an elegant surface covering adds a lot to the small kitchen design as well.

Don’t get your surface covering to become an eyesore for the visitors. Replace it now! The floor is the area which grabs most of the attention.

A kitchen with bar stools and a glass door undergoing remodeling.


While considering flooring material, make functionality and durability a priority. What will be better if one gets a low maintenance product for kitchen decor?

Variety of beautiful color options & patterns can make a kitchen floor plan overwhelming.

  • Natural Flooring:

To give exotic appeal, choose Suistone natural stone flooring patterns. It provides nature’s beauty along with hard wearing nature.

  • Bamboo or Wood Flooring:

One can also go for bamboo flooring. It offers a beautiful grained texture. But it’s wiser to get the material with the highest warranty only.

A modern kitchen with grey cabinets and a wooden floor undergoing kitchen remodeling.
  • Vitrified Tiles/ Subway Tiles:

Another option to accent the surface covering is with vitrified tiles. It comes from the family of ceramic tiles. These are stronger and durable than ceramic tiles and gives a contemporary look to the area.

Want to get more option? Laminates, carpet, vinyl flooring, etc. are also there in the row.

QUICK TIP: Dark floor covering with lighter shade cabinets and walls brings a nice texture. This contrast is in a higher trend.

2. Bench Top

Counters are one of the vital kitchens remodel design tool. For a small yet beautiful kitchen, the portable trolley will provide adequate preparation space.  Side shelves would also be great. Whereas, the center cook-top will feature the large kitchen area.

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Kitchen remodeling with blue cabinets and a center island.

Whatever the case may be, the countertop is an essential part of your cooking area. It is one of the exotic kitchens remodel designing tools. What do homeowners expect while choosing a worktop material?

Well, the answer is simple. The product which gives a smudge and dirt free look even after preparation of the meal is the best choice. All you need to do is wipe out the dirt with a soft towel, and your cleaning work is almost complete.

Homemakers and working women, please pay attention! Want such a comfort? Accent your interior as well as exterior cook-house with natural stone slab on the countertop. Well, it’s not the end here. There are many other choices as well:

A kitchen remodeling project with dark wood cabinets and stainless steel appliances.
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  • Granite/ Marble/ Onyx Tops:

Texture slabs will be a good option to add visual interest. One can go for striped, tiger, zebra print or any of the outlay as per the liking.

  • Sandstone/ Limestone/ Slate Tops:

Sandstone, limestone or slate type of worktops are a good yet inexpensive option. It imparts an elegant and royal look to the home. Durability and timeless beauty are its trademarks.

  • Quartz Tops:

Nowadays people are opting for Quartz material. The primary reason is its seamless finish and metallic flecks. It can add a variety to any workstations.

QUICK TIP: Make use of the steel sink with stylish faucet.

3. Walls Coverings & Backsplashes

A refreshing wall coating and backsplash ideas can add a lot to the cook-house projection. It’s the time of the 80’s and 90’s where people use to do a coat of paint on the walls to give a finishing look.

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Kitchen remodeling with white cabinets and a black island.

But now the scenario has changed and preference of homeowners too. Fascinating wall material changes the way you and your guest view your kitchen space.

Here comes some of the trending ideas one can adopt without killing the budget:

  • Ledge stone:

Ledge stone is natural material and suitable for both indoor & outdoor locations. When it comes to indoor sidings, this stone proves durable and resistant.

  • Porcelain Tile:

Porcelain or ceramic tiles can bring a drastic change to the back wall. Bright and light color contrasts can do wonders.

  • Glass Mosaic:

For the calm and dignified appeal, glass mosaic appreciated. But don’t forget to seal them to enjoy long-lasting appeal.

QUICK TIP: Make use of wallpaper on a back wall with decorative additions.

4. Kitchen Hood:

Don’t forget about the chimney while developing kitchen ideas. It is the real way of ventilation and exhaustion. The cooking process most of the time involves grilling or frying to create the lovely aroma.

Kitchen remodeling with white cabinets and stainless steel appliances.

But this may leave an adverse impact on the backsplash if proper ventilation is not there. Having a chimney removes the odor of various species cooked as well keep it clean and fresh.

There are two types of exhaust hoods which one can opt, i.e., masonry or prefabricated metal chimneys. It needs a mortar & bricks for construction. The later one is ready to put on the top. No cement or other products are necessary for that. 

Kitchen remodeling with white cabinets and stainless steel appliances.

5. Cabinets:

The essential furniture in the kitchenette is the cabinetry, use for storage purposes. It may separate or built-in. Loosely placed appliance and accessories like silverware, dishes make the cooking area unorganized.

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Organise the cooking place with affordable kitchen cabinets such as RTA cabinets. Wooden, metal, stone or stainless steel are the most popular options. Built-in cupboards are in trend nowadays. In fact, appliances like dishwasher or refrigerators also integrated into the cabinetry. Moreover, mounted oven gives a fantastic look to the area.

QUICK TIP: One can opt for stylish pulls and knobs.

What Else?

The list of items for a kitchen remodels never ends. One can make specific additions to the fixer-upper kitchenette depending on its size. If you have ample space, then the dining table and a sidebar can complement it well. A proper lighting system under the kitchen cabinets illuminating the workspace is essential.

A modern kitchen with white cabinets and stainless steel appliances perfect for kitchen remodeling.

Hanging or pendant lights along with flower arrangement can use for the visual interest. All these tips not only add to the beauty of the place but also beneficial from the real state point of view.

Get ready to build a smart home by opting for light to bright color schemes for remodeling on a budget. Give a classic appeal to your kitchenette with a blend of natural and manufactured resources.

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