Settling The Debate: Do You Install Countertop or Backsplash First?

A kitchen with green cabinets and marble countertop.

Kitchen backsplash protects your countertops from spillage and ensures it looks clean. But when it is not installed properly and at the right place, it hinders the visual appeal of the space, especially if you are using bold colours like a black countertop that don’t hide the spills well. If you are planning on using such bold colours for your countertop, check out this article to get some design inspiration before choosing your backsplash colour. 

There is a lot of debate about where backsplash should be put before or after installing the countertop. Keep reading as we settle this debate and help you learn more about backsplashes. 

What Is A Kitchen Backsplash?

A kitchen backsplash is a material that is installed to protect the wall area between the upper cabinets and the countertop. It is installed through the length of the countertops and prevents the wall from stains and splashes. When choosing a kitchen backsplash, you should choose a material, which can effectively remove stain and maintain its elegant look.  

Kitchen Countertop Comes First

You should start your kitchen renovation by selecting the right countertop first. It has larger surface areas as opposed to a backsplash. So it is wiser to place the countertop in the beginning and then go with a backsplash. Moreover, it should go all the way to the cabinets on the wall. This will give you a seamless look and better protect your walls from stains.

Why Should You Invest In Kitchen Backsplash?

There are many reasons you should consider buying a good kitchen backsplash, including:

Protect The Walls

From solids and liquids splashing up, overflowing stovetop, messy cooking experiments, or baking fails, things can get messy in the kitchen. And if your kitchen walls are uncovered, they can easily get stained, making them vulnerable to mould and mildew. Installing a backsplash will protect and seal the wall from stains and moisture. Therefore you can keep your kitchen looking cleaner for a long time. 

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Ameliorates The Appeal Of The Space

Backsplash comes in different materials, shapes, and sizes. So have the creative freedom to choose a design that best complements the rest of your kitchen décor. It is a cost-efficient way of making your kitchen look sleek, sophisticated, and stylish. 

Backsplashes Are Easy To Clean

Ceramic is a popular choice for backsplashes because the material is a slipper. So if you accidentally spill food or liquid over a backsplash, it will be easier to clean. You can use a wet sponge or damp cloth to get the area cleaned. 

Provides Resistance To Stain And Water

Backsplash can be stain and water-resistant, helping you prevent damages in the hidden areas of the sink and stove. These are the areas that we often overlook, which later pave the way for the growth of pests. A premium quality kitchen backsplash can cut down your cleaning process so that you can spend more time enjoying the cooking process.

A modern kitchen with white countertops.

What Are The Types Of Backsplashes?

Backsplashes come in different styles, price points, colours, and materials. Following are some of the common options for backsplash for your kitchen:

Natural Stone

A natural stone backsplash is a great way to add an elegant touch to your kitchen décor. And you can find these stones in different varieties like marble, granite, limestone, travertine, etc. Natural stones are very durable; therefore, you can expect the backsplash to be there for a long time with little maintenance. Ensure that you put thorough research into the kind of maintenance you need to do with natural stones to protect their natural appearance. 

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Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are among the most popular backsplash materials available on the market. The kind of lustre these tiles offer is one of the reasons why people choose ceramic tiles for their kitchen. They can look stunning in a kitchen if you use them in the right way. A great thing about these tiles is you will find different designs and colours. This will make it easier for you to choose a material that is best suited for the current kitchen décor. 


If you want to go for an unconventional material, concrete is the one to consider. The material can make your kitchen instantly more modern. And unlike the concrete you see on the sidewalk, kitchen concrete comes in huge varieties to suit distinctive preferences. They are also easy to maintain and generally used when the countertop is also of the same materials. This allows the kitchen to look uniform and united. 

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel as your kitchen backsplash can amplify the visual appeal of your kitchen and make it more elegant looking. You will find different tiles, textures, and sheets in this option. Additionally, stainless steel is extremely easy to clean, which is why they are most commonly used in a restaurant kitchen. Stainless steel material is known for its heat resistance and durability. While it can dent or scratch, the material does not get damaged easily. But make sure that you clean the spills immediately, as acidic liquids can cause discoloration. 


Glass backsplashes can look perfect in any kitchen: modern or traditional. These tiles offer a lustrous appeal, making the space more classy. Depending on the décor, you can get a glass backsplash in various colours. If you have a large area to cover, you can opt for mosaic or subway glass tiles. Additionally, these tiles can be quite expensive, and you will need professional services to get them installed. So if you are on a limited budget, this may not be the right backsplash for you. 

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Tips To Clean Backsplash Tiles In Your Kitchen

Here are some tips that you should follow to keep the backsplash clean:

  • Using a sponge, clean the backsplash tile in a circular motion. You can use warm soapy water as your cleaning solution.
  • Mix one part vinegar, one part lemon juice, and part baking soda; this mixture is excellent for treating stains on the backsplash.
  • You can use two coats of grout sealers to make your backsplash more resistant to stains and dirt.

The Bottom Line

A backsplash is an important material to consider when renovating your kitchen. These help in making your kitchen look clean and visually appealing. Above we have added vital information that you should know about the backsplash and its installation. 

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