5 Renovation Ideas for Your Garage Door

A house with a garage door at dusk.

Most home owners do not realize that the humble garage door is not just a functional area of your house but also the most impactful space for your property’s curb appeal. The best thing about transforming your discount garage door is that it doesn’t take a lot of cash to renovate, but the value that is added to your home is above par. Here are the top five makeover ideas for your garage door. Not only are they super simple to execute, but they will surely have the entire neighborhood wanting to do the same.

A house with a garage door.
garage door

A Multiplane Garage Door

If you feel like there isn’t a lot that you can do to the exterior of the house, do not make the mistake of cutting your savings to invest in a massive makeover of the house. You can make the entire front view of the property different by replacing the garage door.

A great idea would be to try installing a new multi-pane garage door which will improve the façade of the entire home along with the front lawn. You will also need to pick a shade from a light color pallete, think sunny yellow or pastels. The objective of this change should be about giving your place a cheery fresh life.

You want to be thinking about what hues make the driveway look wider. This is important because a wide single stall garage space connects easily to a bigger sidewalk, which makes it feel like the house itself and the garage have connected seamlessly within the property.

A house with two garage doors.
garage door

Pay Attention to Details

One of the most common problems with garage décor is that people never pay attention to the color of the door, and therefore always end up using some bland color on it, treating it as a safe and acceptable choice. The truth is that the amount that you invest to decorate or invest in the outlook of a house should be matched to the outlook of your garage door, which as we established is a huge part of your curb appeal.

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Houses with quaint architecture often have the most opportunities in terms of renovation. You can always play with color blocking on the doors, walls, and the bordering panels, so that the house does not look out of place but still maintain that necessary impact. Then there are other elements that one can play with as well, for example using patterns on top of the walls such as brick lining or updating columns in front of the house.

The exterior of a modern home with a blue garage door.
garage door

In addition to this, you can always browse functional accessories for the garage door to make it multipurpose but also look great.

Too Dominant and Dull

Another mistake homeowners make with the garage door is that they pick the plainest design or paint on a very huge door. Most of the times the garage door is almost as high as the house, and a plain boring color just kills the vibe of the entire house.

What you need is a solution that makes it look like the garage is a non imposing part of the house, without needing to make any changes in the original architecture of the house itself. To start off you have to remember that the renovation should make the outlook more welcoming. Therefore, try using warm and neutral colors on the garage doors and then compliment this with a darker hue on the garage roof.

Other ways to fix this would be to add a bit of landscape or textural plants around the massive door, to offer the look a cleaner and refreshing picture.

A house with a brown garage door.
garage door

The Garage Roof

It is a revamped roofline that makes a continuous design between a garage and a home. You need to make sure that it isn’t too much that it takes away all the attention from the house. The aim should be to keep everything in a symmetrical, and use elements that are present in the house’s main entrance on the entrance of the garage. This does not only offer a functional parallel but a design parallel too, giving the house property a balanced look.

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A house featuring two garage doors.
garage door

Modernise It

By using only a couple of details you can easily recreate the whole garage if you like. This means you might have to re-shift some objects or buy new ones. This could be investing in a new landscape, a bench or simply adding a multi-functional piece in front of the garage like a basketball hoop. You can even cut into the concrete on the side to add a small garden bed which complements the house behind them and gels in well with the color scheme as well, making your house look well maintained and contemporary.

Remember it is the home’s entryway that makes the first impression which lasts longer than any great renovation or investment about the house.  

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