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Explore architectural styles and innovative home conversions. Learn ways to enhance your home with architectural details.

The Wood and Stone Modern Home

Wood and stone modern home
Smooth warm wood and cool rugged stone combine to make an impressive modern home that appeals to the senses.  Behind the doors of the wood and stone modern home there is an impressive blend of materials that create a space of contrasts; yet, within the contrast there is harmony.  Step inside these beautiful modern homes by Carpeter that balance...

Warehouse to Home Conversion – Urban Living

An amazing warehouse to home conversion
Warehouses converted into homes make for wonderful urban-style living.  They provide ample open space, sturdy structure and soaring ceilings, among other things.  If re-using existing structures to carve out a space for a home appeals to you, consider some of these awe-inspiring warehouse to home conversions. Urban style has come into the design spotlight and is brighter than ever before. ...

6 Smart Technologies that will Influence Your Future Home Architecture

Smart Home Tech Influences
Netflix can drive your imagination crazy when it comes to smart home architecture. And though we're yet to achieve most of the functionalities we see in movies, it's worth acknowledging the baby steps we're making towards smart living. Integrating tech into your home can make it more user-friendly, purposeful, and fun. Smart technologies also streamline processes in a home, much...

Metal Architecture: 5 World-known Metal-inspired Buildings

Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles
Ask different architects what makes a building a monument, and you’ll be surprised by the complexity and differences in the responses. That’s because the most incredible buildings stand out for many different reasons. Sometimes it’s the complicated or weirdness of the design, other times the artistry. And in some cases, it is the feeling or mood a building gives or sets...

9 Architecture Design Elements to Build a Secure Home

Buildings Redefined Architecture
It takes time, passion, and patience to build a complete home. It should be magnificent, purposeful, and secure, right from the gate, into the indoors— and then end in a tranquil backyard. Maybe you have the space to make such a home, but you know you haven’t maxed your potential. And you’re thinking; what next? Well, augmenting security and privacy is...

6 Ancient and Modern Architecture Styles That Define Mankind

Ancient Architecture
You see many different ancient architecture styles in ancient and modern-day buildings. Only, you fail to realize that they are indeed designs of the olden days. In essence, different generations have shown different talents when it comes to building structures. For instance, take a walk down memory lane in the field of architecture, and you’ll be perplexed by how intelligent we...

6 All-Natural Walls flaunting Green Wall Architecture

Green Wall Architecture
Green walls have a natural captivating charisma you won’t find in any other brick, stone or concrete wall! And the result is always enthralling; whether they sprout naturally or a designer chooses to do a plant-themed wall. You definitely have little to worry about when vegetation springs naturally from your hem, but it may sound like an awkward idea to...

Cool Architecture: The 7 Best Buildings in Mankind’s History

cool architecture buildings
Sample the many monuments you see around and you’ll agree that every civilization in human history had special talents and intelligence. Inspired by different materials, objectives, styles, and old architectural influences, designers of the past and near past really attempted to prove that nothing is impossible. Looking at some of the best structures in mankind’s history, it’s hard to rank one...

Mountain Ridge Handcrafted Log Homes and Log Cabins

Is there anything more beautiful than waking up in winter to white fields covered with pure white snow as far as the eye can see? Well, yes there is, add to that picture-perfect image a log cabin made from thick natural wood and a roaring fireplace and I’ll never leave. When I see homes made from natural materials and even...

Five Front Door Decor Ideas You Should Consider in 2020

color yellow
Your front door is the first point of contact with your home. Instead of just being a barrier, protecting you from intruders, you can give it a touch of personality. Make it part of your exterior décor. This year ditch that wreath you’ve hanged on it for years and get creative with these front door decor ideas. Flowers décor Flowers have...

Top 17 Smart Gabion Wall Ideas To Enhance Your Space

A gabion wall is made from steel cages filled with stone. Fittingly, the term "gabion" is derived from the Italian word for cage. Historically, landscapers use them as retaining walls as their heavy weight is ideal for holding the surrounding earth in place. More recently, the uses of gabion walls have expanded in a creative and gorgeous application. Here are...

3 of the Biggest Plumbing Projects in History

While we often think of fixing pipes in a person’s house or at a local park when plumbing comes to mind, this profession affects a wide range of people, even the population of a country, by providing clean water. This objective is becoming harder to achieve by the day, with water demand expected to increase by 55 percent between...

New Orleans Architectural Style

New Orleans architectural style is a mix of French, Spanish and Caribbean influences.  When you stroll the streets of New Orleans you are immersed in history.  Take a step back in time and enjoy the beautiful details that make up the area homes.  There is no denying the charm, elegance and color-rich essence of this great Southern American city. The French Quarter The Soniat...

How to transform your outdoor living space with the help of a landscape architect

Are you looking to transform your outdoor area into a living space while still keeping the natural beauty that drew you to the location in the first place? Is there a stunning ocean view or surrounding woods that make the land special? When starting a major landscape project, consider the ways in which a landscape architect can make your project...

5 Ways a Retractable Roof Can Enhance Your Business

If you own a business, particularly in the hospitality industry, having an outdoor space can be a hugely attractive and profitable addition to your site. During the summer, many customers actively seek out spots with outdoor seating, so if this is something your restaurant, cafe or bar is lacking than you could stand to lose out on big bucks. Some...

Home Improvement With Low Maintenance Exterior Cladding

One thing that quickly becomes obvious when you own your own home is that there is always something to do; your work is never really finished. Some jobs are small enough that they can be put off for a while. But there are those that need to be dealt with as quickly as possible. These are the jobs that affect...

7 Curb Appeal Ideas On A Budget

Your home is one of the few places you can escape to and remove the stresses of everyday life. However, no matter how comfortable you feel there it s important to remember that it does matter how the outside of your home looks. Keeping your curb appeal up makes it easier to get finance and maintain the value of your...

Easy Ways for Millennials to Build the Home of Their Dreams

For all the cynicism millennials have incurred, we have to admit this generation is well on its way to a challenging future. And we can sense their desire to start their own lives without much difficulty. After all, millennials have access to a plethora of digital technologies that can help them with practically any task they can get their...