A safe home while on vacation

A man in a hoodie opening a door with a knife, reminding you to protect your home while on vacation.

There are many little things you don’t pay attention to that can make it clear to people with bad intentions that you are away from your apartment for a few days. Of course, it is ideal if you can install an alarm system in your home and connect it to one of the security companies. That way, any suspicious movement will be accompanied by an official check, so you don’t have to be afraid. But it can also be a significant financial expense for your budget. If you don’t have that opportunity, here are a few tricks that can help fool scammers.


Two pictures of a pink jewelry box with jewelry inside, emphasizing the importance of protecting your home while on vacation.
Instead of leaving it in the apartment, choose a safer way to store your valuables

Better safe than sorry. Preferably do not leave any valuables, jewelry, money, and similar things in the apartment while you are away. If you have something precious, it will be advisable to store it in a bank safe or home safe if you have it. In the event of a burglary, the burglar will rarely trouble himself with taking out TVs and similar large objects. They prefer to steal smaller but more valuable items from which they will benefit.

Lock everything

A lock on a door handle for home security.
Be sure to lock all openings and potential entrances to the apartment well

Make sure you close all windows and possible entrances to the apartment. Lock all the locks well and leave the keys to someone you trust. Never leave keys under mats, under flowers, and similar places near the apartment.


Two pictures of a mailbox and a mail box that aim to protect your home while on vacation.
Letters stored in your mailbox can be a clear sign that you are not home

A mailbox can be a real traitor to your absence from home. Accumulated letters will give a clear signal that you are not home for a few days, which can potentially attract burglars. Temporarily cancel newspaper subscriptions in advance if you have them. Also, ask one of the neighbours or the person you left the keys with to occasionally take the letters out of your mailbox, so it doesn’t get cluttered.

Ways to Improve Your Home Environment


Four different images of a motion sensor light on a wooden floor that helps protect your home while on vacation.
Certainly a great idea to install lighting that will come on at a given time

It is a good idea to leave the night lighting on so that the apartment doesn’t look deserted in the evening. Also, if you have the ability to turn on the lights automatically at a specific time, this would be ideal. If you live in a house, the installation of motion-sensitive sensor lights is also recommended.

Social networks

You may not like this because you love adding your real-time travel and locations to Facebook, Instagram, and so on. But social networks have really become methods of tracking people and their behaviour. It is easily possible that if someone wants to rob you, they follow your profile to see where you are. Instead of immediately announcing to everyone that you have set out on a journey, rather gather beautiful memories and publish them when you return home. To your safe and untouched home.

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