How do energy efficient windows work?

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Different industries are focused on moving towards energy-efficient and sustainable energy resources and home improvement is no exception. Choosing the right and energy-saving installments can be confusing when you need to keep things under budget. EcoChoice Windows and Doors is a renowned home improvement company that is empowering residential and commercial buildings with energy-efficient solutions that include windows and doors.

Installing energy efficient windows can trap the energy inside the house by reducing the external interference of the environment. Energy efficient windows not only help to reduce energy consumption but also offer additional functionality and practicality. The use of modern technologies has revolutionized the home improvement industry in a good way.

What are Energy Efficient Windows?

These windows look just like normal windows in terms of working and but the design is slightly different from the typical windows. Special materials are used to preserve energy and reduce energy loss. The quality of the material determines the efficiency of the windows as some materials offer better resistance against energy escape. As a result of the unique material and design, the windows help to reduce the energy consumption to control the temperature of the room or building.

Eco Choice Windows and Doors offer a unique design that offers better aesthetic values alongside efficient working. Two to three glass panes are used to construct energy efficiency in such an arrangement that a single unit lets no air and heath escape or enter the room. The frame of these three-pane windows is generally made of PVC, insulating materials, or wood.

A diagram showing the different parts of a solar panel, emphasizing energy efficiency.

How do Energy Efficient Windows Work?

In today’s expensive world, it is crucial to opt for solutions that are durable, sustainable, and save energy. Controlling the temperature inside the house or room costs a lot as the heat or cold air keep escaping the room. In the cold areas, the windows fail to trap the heat inside and the cold air from outside keeps causing affecting the internal temperature. The same goes for the AC where hot air keeps entering from the small holes and broken seals.

After years of research and development, Eco Choice Windows and Doors experts have successfully designed energy efficient windows that are tested to be useful in all types of environmental conditions. Here is the breakdown of the working of these advanced windows for saving energy.

Glass Coating

Are you tired of increasing energy bills? Is the electricity bill is eating your utility budget? It’s time to let Eco Choice Windows and Doors install energy efficient windows for your home. Instead of typical glass, we use advanced glass in the panes that have low-emissivity. The special nature of this glass blocks the rays of the sun so the external weather conditions don’t impact the internal temperature.

These glass panes work effectively in harsh weather conditions by blocking 90% of the rays to control the loss and flow of the heat between the internal and external environment. Energy efficient windows are the best options if you want to keep the room cool in summer and hot in winter.

The role of spacers in energy efficient windows.

Spacer System

For a long time, metal insulation was used in typical windows but that did not work very well for the energy efficiency goals. Eco Choice Windows and Doors researchers introduced the smart solution by replacing the metal insulation with thermal efficient materials like polymer foam. As compared to metal insulation, these thermal efficient materials are way more effective and save energy.

We use advanced spacers to improve the resistance against the heat transfer so the windows stay safe from the ever-changing weather conditions. The nature of the insulating material may change depending upon the weather conditions.

Save Energy with Eco Choice Windows and Doors

Our R&D department is determined to empower the customers with the best and most energy-efficient solutions. If you want to reduce the energy bills with cost-effective yet aesthetically pleasant windows, give us a call and book your appointment. Let our home improvement experts examine your home so we can craft the best solution as per the interior scheme of your house or office.

Energy-efficient windows by Eco Choice Windows and Doors are designed to give a new refreshing look to your house so you don’t need to settle for ugly and bulky windows from now on. If you are interested in reducing the energy bills by replacing the typical windows with energy efficient windows, let us make your home safer and energy-efficient. 

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