How To Tell if Your Home Is Cooled Efficiently

An efficiently cooled air conditioning unit with a fan.

When last did you buy a new AC for your home? Perhaps you’ve moved to a new house with an older cooling system whose history you’re not sure of. If so, you might need an AC unit overhaul.  

Sometimes during the year, temperatures hit the roof. During such seasons, you want an efficient cooling system that not only makes the weather tolerable but also makes your home comfortable. Your AC system is vital in making your home comfortable all year round for you and your family.  

How do you check if your system is efficient? How do you know whether it’s time to replace your unit? Below are the top 10 indicators that your home might need a new or refurbished air conditioner.  

Temperature Differences in your Home  

A home with an efficient cooling system has consistent temperatures throughout the house. You won’t find some rooms warm and other chilly. If you feel warm in the dining area, but cold in the bedroom, you need to get your system checked.  

A slightly noticeable difference in temperatures within the house is a clear indicator of an inefficient cooling system.  

Temperature inconsistency could be caused by clogging or damaged air ducts. The unit could also be too small to cool the entire house. Replacing your PTAC a/c unit with a new one will ensure you have a reliable supply of conditioned air in all your rooms.  

Check your Energy Bills  

Your energy bills are one huge indicator of whether your cooling system is effective or not. If your AC unit is inefficient, your energy bills will skyrocket.  

Heating and cooling account for 20 to 50% of your energy bills. If you notice a steady rise in your energy bills over the last couple of months, then you need to get your system checked.  

These changes usually indicate a problem in the heating and cooling system. Cleaning the air ducts and changing the filters can help restore the system’s efficiency.  

Check your Floor and Wall Temperatures  

This is another tip to check if your home is cooled efficiently. Using your hands, check the temperature of the interior floors, walls, and ceilings.  

If they are warm and dry, then your system is working efficiently. However, if they are cold and moist, this is an indicator of an insulation problem.  

Remember that it is natural for the exterior walls to feel cold. Proper insulation keeps your interior warm and leaves the cold air outside.  

A row of efficiently cooled air conditioners on a brick wall.


Do you have to shout at home to be heard? If yes, there could be some problems with your cooling system.  

An inefficient system will have its components and parts tiring to cool your home. You will start to hear loud and unusual noises coming from the system.  

Check Your Pipes  

Check your pipes regularly. If they rarely freeze, this is a good sign. On the other hand, if they periodically freeze or even burst, you should be sure that your home is not efficiently cooled.  

Exterior walls that are adequately insulated protect the pipes in them from the freezing temperatures outside.  

Air Quality  

When the cooling system is inefficient, it accumulates dust, allergens, and other air pollutants. Such poor quality in your home’s air puts you at risk of respiratory diseases and allergies.  

If you feel a change in the quality of air, you need to get your AC checked. Sometime, cleaning your filters and AC might not be enough. This might prompt you to buy a new air conditioning system.  

Changing your air conditioning system will protect you and your family’s health.  

Age of your Cooling System  

Can you remember when you last replaced your air conditioning system? If you don’t remember, then your AC system might have reached the end of its lifespan.  

The average service life of an AC system is about a decade or more depending on its quality. When the unit is older than ten years, it starts to be inefficient.  

Units that have been in use for more than ten years tend to use more energy than newer units.  

Water Leaks  

Water leaks in your windows or attic could mean that your AC has issues. An inefficient AC system could allow not just heat, but also water into your house.  

An efficient AC system protects your home from both. When you find leaks in your home, don’t procrastinate or ignore them. Also related to the water leaks issue, is if you notice ice dams developing on the roof of your house.  

Maintenance and Repairs  

AC systems are among the mandatory home maintenance items to perform annually. When last did you have your AC system checked by a technician? If you barely remember, then the chances are high that your home is irregularly air-conditioned. An AC system should be serviced at least once a year.  

On the other hand, if you are always calling a technician and spending a lot of money on repairs, it also shows that your AC is inefficient. The more you do repairs, the more money you spend.  

Some repairs, such as fixing coils, motor, and the compressor, could be more expensive than buying a new unit.  

The total cost of numerous repairs within a year could be more than buying a new unit. Invest in a new AC and save yourself from unusually frequent repairs.  

Non-Smart Cooling System  

Is your AC system smart? Smart AC units have advanced features such as programmable or smart thermostat and, in some instances, Wi-Fi. If your unit is not smart, you are losing out on great convenience.  

A smart AC system helps you save money in the long-term. For instance, you can program it to turn on or off, depending on whether you are at home.  

You can consider replacing your old school AC with a smart one. The initial installation costs may be high, but you will save money in the long run.  

Final Thoughts  

An efficient cooling system is one way to make your home comfortable regardless of the season. Even though maintenance and repairs can increase the unit’s service life, sometimes an upgrade is the only option.  

Replace your AC if you’ve noticed a drastic increase in your energy bills, inconsistent house temperatures, and bad air quality. Also, if you must keep calling a technician and end up spending a lot of money to run repairs, you need a new unit. An efficient cooling system operates silently. 

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