5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Kitchen Designer to Increase Your House Value

A kitchen designer creates a kitchen with white cabinets and blue counter tops.

Whether your kitchen needs just an update or a serious remodeling, consider working with an expert to get the results you are hoping for. No matter what your budget is, your designer should work with you to get a plan in place that is both functional and beautiful.

Especially if you want to increase the value of your property, working with an experienced professional will ensure you will not get opposite results. There are a few things you should know before working with a designer to create the kitchen of your dreams.

1. Know Your Designer

If you are ordering things like cabinetry from a national retailer, most likely there will be designers on staff who can help you for free. Sometimes there will be a percentage charged from the total sale, but it’s still cheaper than hiring an independent designer.

Independent designers charge per project or at an hourly rate. However, since they are not affiliated with a particular store or brand, they can be objective about materials used. If you have something really special on your mind or you want a custom designed kitchen, this option is the best, though it’s more expensive.

If you do choose to have a professional designer, make sure you ask for recommendations from people you know and read reviews about them online. While shopping for a designer, check their sites for examples of their completed projects. You want to make sure they are a match for your needs and you are getting the best value for your money.

A modern kitchen with white cabinets and stainless steel appliances, designed by a kitchen designer.

2. Help Your Designer Make You Happy

It’s best to define in advance what exactly you like and dislike about your kitchen so you can give the professional you choose a good place to start from. This will help you get the best result in the end and save you time and money, especially if the designer charges an hourly rate.

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A blue and white kitchen designed with white stools.

Estimate the Condition of Your Kitchen

Take a look at your kitchen and try to determine the problems you want to solve. For example, your kitchen may operate fine, but need to be totally revamped. Or you may just have old kitchen appliances and fixtures that don’t fit the interior and it is enough to replace them with new ones.

If your kitchen has an entrance from the backyard, make sure it is equipped with a proper door that won’t only fit the interior but also protect your home from break-ins. This guide on door locks for homes will help you choose the type of lock that will best fit your needs.

Find the Style You Like

Your first meeting with your designer will go better if you already have an idea about what kitchen styles interest you. Browse magazines and websites that write about home improvement and decor. If you find anything that speaks to you, show it to your designer.

It will communicate better than words. If your purpose is increasing the value of your property, according to this article written by a real estate expert—Kristina Morales—refacing or replacing cabinetry is one of the most effective updates that help homeowners get the best offer for their property.

Ask your designer about RTA cabinets as well. Many designers have multiple lines of cabinetry they work with. RTA cabinets are unassembled cabinets that are often half the price of assembled cabinets and the same quality. With a little weekend elbow grease you can save thousands when you go this route.

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3. Stay Flexible

A designer’s job is seeing things you don’t, while following your preferences. Some things may not work for you no matter how much you like the way they look. But a professional can offer alternative options you didn’t know existed. Sometimes, however, you need to come to a compromise, so you will not feel sorry later.

For example, sacrificing functionality for beauty is one of the most common design mistakes. Be open-minded and trust your professional. After all, this is why you hired a designertheir job is to find a better solution for your needs than you can do on your own.

A kitchen designer incorporates wooden shelves and a sink into a white kitchen design.

4. Make Sure Your Contract Has a Timeline

You shouldn’t expect to get the draft you like on the first try. There will be some negotiating and back and forth discussions. Make sure you know how many drafts are included in the contract to avoid paying extra. You should also make sure the contract specifies the timeline your designer should meet. Keep in mind though, things beyond someone’s control can come up in any job, and you should be ready for this.

A kitchen designer with black cabinets and wooden beams.

5. Keep Changes to a Minimum

Depending on how far along the design project has come, changes can be easy or very hard to make. They will hold up the project and also cost you more money. However, if it makes or breaks your kitchen and how much you will enjoy it, it’s better to say something now than live with the flaw forever.

Kitchen designer with wood cabinets and granite counter tops.


Being able to update and design your kitchen should be an enjoyable experience no matter who you decide to work with. You need to have a plan in mind and someone to help you execute it or even change it in ways you did not imagine. You want to get the best value for your budget and have the design work for you in both functional and beautiful way. Hopefully, with the right designer, you can have an amazing kitchen on whatever budget you have.

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