How to Easily Add Character To Your Apartment 

A character-filled living room in an apartment.

If you are not happy with the way your apartment looks, you are probably wondering what you can do to enhance your apartment’s appearance and add a little character. 

Adding character to your apartment improves your living space and makes it that much more comfortable. The tips in this guide show you creative ideas you can use without getting in trouble with your landlord. Rather than using these tips as they are, add a creative twist to make them your own.

Photo Books

Using photo books that go on your coffee table is a great starting point when you are looking for different ways to give your apartment character. You can go through your photographs and find the pictures you enjoy the most. A lot of people opt for pictures from their wedding or their children’s graduation, but any photographs that inspire positive emotions will work well.

Ceiling Medallion

Ceiling medallions are another great option you don’t want to overlook. You can go to the store or shop online, and you will find many styles and colors. Before you buy one, make sure it’s the type that uses adhesives instead of ones you screw into the ceiling. The right ceiling medallion highlights your personality and makes your home a little more inviting.

Removable Wall Decorations

If you want to at a touch of fun to your apartment, you can’t go wrong with removable wall decorations. Many online shops have wall decorations themed after your favorite movies and video games. If you have children, consider putting their favorite cartoon characters on their bedroom walls. In addition to themed decorations, you can also put inspiring quotes on your walls.

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Light Projectors

Light projectors are another option you don’t want to forget when your goal is to give your apartment a personal touch. Some light projectors put stars on your walls and ceiling, and others project a vibrant rainbow. You can find a light projector that fits your goals no matter what you have in mind.

Fake Fireplace

Many people living in apartments wish they had a fireplace. The good news is that you can buy a fake fireplace for your home, and nobody will notice the difference. A fake fireplace sits on the floor by your wall and uses electricity to create fake flames. When you move out, you can pack your fake fireplace and take it with you.

Temporary Wallpaper

Not being able to change wallpaper is one of the downsides of living in an apartment. You can now overcome that challenge with temporary wallpaper, and it comes in plenty of colors and themes. You are sure to find something that works for you. Before you begin, you might want to tell your landlord what you are doing so that your landlord does not freak out on you.

Temporary Shades

Consider getting temporary shades if you are not happy with the curtains in your apartment. Temporary shades are easy to install, and they enhance your apartment’s appearance in addition to blocking out the sun’s rays.

Colored Lights

Adding colored lights to your home is another idea you might want to use. You can replace the light bulbs in your apartment with ones that change color, and many colored lights come with a remote you can use to change the colors anytime you want.

Indoor swings for swinging home


If you want to make your bedroom a little cozier, hang drapes around your bed. Drapes come in almost every color and style of which you can think, and you will have no trouble finding some that match the look you are trying to achieve. Drapes are also great for blocking light from the other parts of your home, helping you sleep better.

Break Your Room Up

You might live in an apartment that consists of one large room. If you do, rearrange your furniture to break up the room into two or more sections. For example, you could place your couch in the middle to divide your living space and dining room.

Final Thoughts

With the tips in this guide, you can turn your bland apartment into one that grabs attention from the start. You will be surprised by what you can achieve if you take small steps in the right direction each day. You will soon have the apartment of your dreams as long as you put this advice in action.

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