7 Space-efficient Galley Kitchen Ideas

Galley kitchen ideas with wooden cabinets and a stove.

Are you searching for new galley kitchen ideas?

Well, one of the pros of a galley kitchen is its ability to fit in whatever space you have. And because more often than not, space is a limited resource, this is the ultimate design to go with.

Drawing inspiration from ships or the galley (where it name originates), this kitchen will definitely squeeze into whatever tiny space you have.

A diagram showcasing galley kitchen ideas.

But that is not to say you get anything less than a fully-functional cooking place; it features everything from; countertops, storage cabinets, a cooking range, an oven a sink and more.

1. Embrace the kitchen triangle.

Place your cooking stove and washing sink separate and opposite to each other. Kitchen triangle is appropriate for small spaces and offers a cooking place the functionality it needs.

A modern galley kitchen with blue cabinets and wooden floors.

2. Use open shelves

Open shelves are an excellent way to avoid designs that could make your galley look crammed up. They also help reduce congestion that could result from open doors in an already squeezed space.

A small yellow kitchen with a clock.
The Yellow Lover – small kitchen ideas

3. One-sided galley

The normal galley should have two opposite runs and a central space. But you can break the rules and arrange everything else on one side without compromising workflow.

A small galley kitchen with a white table and chairs.

4. Lighting is key

How can you bring light into a small cooking space? Well, try surface materials or colors that reflect the natural light you already have. Stainless steel or an all-white with thin shades of black will do. Cabinet lights can also do.

Galley kitchen with black cabinets and stainless steel appliances.

5. Isolated unit (or island) on one end

The normal galley should have two opposite runs and a central space. Again you can diverge from the normal and have a run on one side, a corridor and then an isolated unit on the opposite.

Why Maximising Natural Light In Your Kitchen Is Important 

A white kitchen with a door leading to a patio, featuring galley kitchen ideas.

6. Recessed Shelves

To save more space, build shelves into your wall, instead of cabinets. You can be as creative as yourself with a built-into-wall shelf.

A white galley kitchen with a door leading to a patio.

7. Galley connected to outdoor.

Large windows connecting to the exterior can help make a tiny space look spacious.

Galley kitchen with stainless steel appliances.

Final Words

A galley layout doesn’t have to eat up all the room you have for a home. Which of the above galley kitchen ideas fit your space, taste and needs?

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