Plants as tools of change in your life

Four different potted plants with white flowers for good energy.

We rarely notice that every corner of this planet is growing diverse and exciting plants. What is personally important to us is to make our home more beautiful by decorating it with house or garden plants. But what if herbs would bring other things to your home besides beauty and freshness – like money, for example. Wouldn’t that be great?

If you put flowers or plants in the home beautifully and accurately, it will change the energy in the space and improve everyone’s mood. According to feng shui, plants attract happiness, love, and well-being.

Love and passion

Basil brings love and passion to your home. If you plant your own basil and use it in your cooking, it is said that it will awaken passion in anyone who tastes it. In Africa, basil leaves are used to ward off evil spells and to protect against evil spirits.

A collage of pictures of white flowers in pots, emphasizing plants for good energy.
Great plants for stimulating love and passion in your home are basil and jasmine

An herb that attracts love and money to your home and encourages dreaming is Jasmine as well. Jasmine is also known as a plant that stirs up passion and attracts romance into your life, so it is an excellent choice for anyone looking for love. Priestesses wore jasmine flowers in ancient times, and the fact that the flowers open at night gives it additional mystique.


Lucky bamboo  (Dracaena braunii) is considered one of the highest blessed herbs to bring positive energy to your home or workspace, especially if you get it as a gift. According to Feng Shui, this plant symbolizes happiness and brings all five natural elements into balance in its environment.

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Three different types of plants in pots.
This plant is not called lucky bamboo for no reason, let it make your home happy

According to Chinese tradition, the number of stems is significant, and since the Chinese believe that number 4 is a misfortune, you should avoid it. Two stems will double your happiness; three will give you happy energies in the form of longevity, happiness, and wealth. Five stems will strengthen all areas of your life, and if you add one more stalk, it will attract prosperity and greater wealth.

The lucky bamboo placed on the living room table will provide an unhindered flow of chi energy. You can also decorate the bathroom because its wooden element will neutralize the water element. Do not place it in the bedroom.


Jade plant or expertly known as Crassula ovata. It is resistant and easy to grow. The shape of its leaves is round and fleshy and reminiscent of coins and is therefore ideal for attracting money. It is a herb that nourishes chi, that is, positive energy, which is why it is traditionally placed in offices and given to business owners.

Plants that have rounded leaves are generally thought to bring money into the house. Likewise, those with pointed leaves are not the best choice if you want wealth.

Place Crassula near the entrance of your office space or in a southeastern position where it will attract success and prosperity to the home or business owner. Do not place it in the bedroom or the bathroom.

A collage of pictures of plants.
Neither of us is immune to the desire to have more money and with these two plants prosperity should be easier

Another plant great for attracting money is the Money Tree (Pachira aquatica). As its name implies, this tall bonsai tree-shaped plant will bring good luck if you place it in spaces that, according to Feng Shui tradition, are for money and health.

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To bring you happiness in the business aspect of life, you will need three or five intertwined trees, avoiding the unlucky number four. Place it in the left corner of your home or office to attract happiness and money. The bathroom is not the right choice for this plant, nor is the southwestern sector reserved for loving relationships.

For the end

Remember that plants are living energy and therefore require constant care and nurture and thus encourage us to care and give love. You should by no means keep faded flowers in the apartment as this will undoubtedly disrupt your good energy. Always discard wilted leaves from your plants and keep them healthy and fresh.

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