Why Food Processors Are the Holy Grail of Kitchenware

A person is using a food processor to process cheese.

Ah, the humble food processor  a kitchen gadget that we think deserves a lot more credit than it is often given. If you’re someone who enjoys whipping delicious meals up in the kitchen, chances are you have a food processor hanging around somewhere. Food processors are one of the most versatile and essential tools that any passionate home cook should have. After all, who wants to spend ages chopping and shredding veggies when it can be done in a matter of seconds? Don’t just stop there though — food processors are able to do much more than just shred vegetables. In today’s article, we look at why food processors are the holy grail of kitchenware, so read on to find out more! 

Save Money On Fancy Flours

Have you ever encountered a recipe that calls for unusual ingredients such as oat flour, hazelnut meal, or peanut flour? Instead of wasting dozens of dollars purchasing this at specialty food stores, why not use your food processor instead? Indeed, food processors are the perfect kitchen tools that allow you to turn rolled oats, peanuts, hazelnuts and other grains/nuts/seeds into homemade flour with just the touch of a button. You’ll now be able to make a whole variety of exotic recipes without having to break the bank on premium-priced ingredients. 

Healthy Desserts 101

Did you know that your humble food processor is also a lean mean dessert making machine? If you’ve ever wondered how Instagram influencers make their healthy and gorgeous looking “fruit ice cream” or “nice cream” bowls, the answer is as you guess – the food processor. Simply chuck some frozen banana, cacao powder, coconut milk and other mix-ins into your food processor, turn it on and within minutes you’ll be rewarded with a thick, creamy and delicious homemade fruit-based ice cream. Don’t just stop there — why not make a deceptively indulgent Chocolate Avocado Pudding? The possibilities for healthy (or indulgent) desserts with the help of your good processor are endless! 

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Say Goodbye To Pre-Shredded

Pre-shredded vegetables such as coleslaw mix are often the to-go option for those who are leading busy lives. What if we were to tell you that using your food processor to shred veggies is just as convenient and will also cost you a lot less? It is no secret that pre-prepared vegetables cost a lot more than regular whole veggies, which is why the food processor is such a godsend. By attaching the shredding blade, you can have shredded coleslaw mix in a matter of seconds without having to chop anything by hand. You’ll also be able to save your precious pennies at the same time — a win-win situation if you ask us! 

The Perfect Pie Dough

Making the perfect pie dough can be intimidating even for the most experienced of chefs, but the food processor is here to make that process 100 times easier. Food processors are the best tools (possibly even better than your own fingertips) for making delicate and tender pastry doughs. This is because the food processor allows you to cut butter into flour quickly, efficiently and without needing to worry about your butter melting from the warmth of your fingertips. Even the world’s most famous chefs swear by their food processor when it comes to making top quality pastries, so why not give it a shot yourself? 

Burger Patties From Scratch

It is no secret that most commercial or supermarket ground meat often contains a lot more than just meat. If you’re a burger purist and are looking to make the best burgers from scratch, your food processor is here to save the day. With its help, you are able to make high-quality ground meat from various meats of your choice and you’ll know exactly what is going into your food. Say goodbye to fillers, additives and low-quality cuts and hello to the tastiest, juiciest burgers that could ever be made from scratch. 

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Homemade Condiments

Sick and tired of low quality and average tasting condiments such as mayonnaise, ketchup and pesto? Well, with the help of your food processor, you won’t have to buy these items from the supermarket ever again. Mayonnaise is so easily made in your food processor and only contains a handful of ingredients including dijon mustard, egg yolks, vegetable oil and seasonings. Similarly, homemade pestos only require herbs, nuts, cheese and olive oil. Once you’ve tasted homemade condiments, we’re 100% certain that you’ll never go back to cheaper and lower quality options again. 

Nuts For Nut Butter

Another incredibly expensive option at supermarkets is nut butters. Whether you’re an almond butter or hazelnut butter fan, using your food processor to grind your own butters is one of the best things you can do for your bank account. Instead of spending $20 on a tiny jar of your favourite spread, you’ll be able to make triple the quantity if you just purchase some nuts at your grocery store. All you’ll need to do is roast them, add them to your food processor along with some salt and process away. Within 15 minutes, you’ll have delicious, additive-free nut butters that you can enjoy on your morning toast, porridge or even on apple slices for a healthy snack. 

The food processor is truly the king of all kitchen appliances due to its versatile nature and the level of convenience it offers home cooks. We hope that this article has inspired you to pull your own food processor out of the cupboard and start experimenting with various different recipes that you never knew your food processor was capable of assisting with! 

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