6 Clever Ways to Stick-out a Peninsula from Your Kitchen Wall

A white kitchen with stainless steel appliances and a kitchen peninsula.

A free-standing island at the center of your spacious kitchen is an excellent idea. However, a peninsula kitchen is a perfect replacement if your room is not large enough for a kitchen island.

A modern living room with white walls.

A kitchen peninsula proffers the same convenience as free-standing islands. Still, while the latter stands prominently at the center of a cooking area, a peninsula must be attached to your kitchen wall on one side.

A kitchen with a red cabinet and white counter top, featuring a peninsula.

A Kitchen Peninsula: What is It?

A kitchen with white counter tops and a kitchen peninsula.

A peninsula is a unit-and-countertop extending strategically from a kitchen wall to serve as an island or kitchen bar. You can also use it as an extra work surface and storage area.

Other times, a peninsula is erected out of a wall to separate the kitchen (from other areas)—and add functionality and design to an open plan home.

A kitchen with wooden cabinets and a center island and peninsula.

Peninsula Vs. Island: Similarities and Differences

A modern kitchen with a kitchen peninsula.

A white kitchen with a center island and bar stools, featuring a kitchen peninsula.

In essence, these two serve the same purpose but differ slightly in terms of architectural features, functionality, space requirements, etc.

So, what do they have in common?

  • Both can serve as your kitchen bar or a hosting area for the cook’s company
  • Both have a unit and countertop
  • You can use both as an extra working space for your busy kitchen
  • Both can act as additional storage units

A modern kitchen with a sink and a light fixture, featuring a kitchen peninsula.

And what are their differences or unique identifying features?

  • An island stands freely at the center of a kitchen
  • And while you can access an island from 4 ends, a kitchen peninsula is only accessible from 3, because one side is attached to the wall
  • An island is a right pick if you have enough room to erect a free-standing unit at the center of your cooking area
  • But a Peninsula can fit into any space, which makes it convenient for any cook-area size.
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A kitchen with a table.

We all cherish islands for the looks, social life, and functionality they add to our kitchens, and peninsulas are not any different. With more tips and ideas, you can figure out more clever ways to add one to your home.

Clever Ways to Incorporate Peninsula into Your Kitchen

Modern kitchen with a peninsula.

So, where do you start with your peninsula project?

First, determine your needs. Why do you need one badly? Are you trying to create a social space, beautify your open plan layout or create more working and storage space? Or maybe, you want to do pretty much a combination of any or all of the aforementioned.

A modern kitchen with colorful counter tops.

Next, compare your needs vs. what you have— like space, budget, kitchen layout, etc. — and then make an informed decision.

That said, here are some smart ways to add a peninsula to a kitchen.

1. Create a kitchen bar or eating zone

An extension on the reachable end of a peninsula (paired with kitchen-bar stools) can form a perfect eating space.

A kitchen with a peninsula.

2. Form an L-style kitchen-top

If your current plan allows, you can stick out a peninsula from a one-walled kitchen to form an L-style worksurface or eating area.

A white kitchen with a peninsula.


A kitchen with a door leading to a patio and a kitchen peninsula.

3. Separate your kitchen in an open plan home

A well-thought-out peninsula can be the separating half-wall secluding your cooking area from other zones.

A kitchen with a large island and stools featuring stylish lighting.


A kitchen with stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors, and a kitchen peninsula.

4. Add Functionality to an idle pillar in your kitchen. 

A free-standing pillar on your cooking area can act as the supporting wall for a kitchen peninsula.

A kitchen with a stove and a window, featuring a kitchen peninsula.

5. Form a U-style kitchen from an existing L-style kitchen

Erect a peninsula to an existing L-style kitchen to create the impression of a U-style cooking zone.

Upgrades That Will Revolutionize Your Kitchen

A kitchen with a wooden counter, skylight, and a peninsula.

6. Design a custom-made work surface

Sometimes, all you need is a small extension from a wall to act as an extra cooking area. You can also build an open cabinet as on the unit to create more room for utensils.

A kitchen with brown cabinets and a peninsula.

The Many Pros of a Peninsula

A kitchen with a spacious island and rustic wooden beams.


A peninsula project is a practical idea for your next kitchen renovation, especially if you have a small space. Spacious kitchens can also add a peninsula for design and functionality reasons. Here are the many pros of a peninsula

Taupe kitchen

A strategically erected kitchen peninsula can help improve any cooking space, whether you’re after design, functionality, or both. And remember, you don’t have to break the bank for such a project when you can get brilliant results on a reasonable budget,


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