How to Get Rid Off White Fungus in Soil

A close up of a moss covered rock with white fungus.

How to Eliminate White Fungus in Soil

White fungus affects more than 500 plant species causing them to wilt and die due to rot in the stems. Learn how to eliminate white fungus in soil here.

White mold is a deadly disease for plants. In fact, it can infect more than 400 different plant species. White fungus in soil is a dangerous sign for a garden. This fungus can make stems rot, leaves wilt, and kill plants entirely. It can live for many years and even reinfect your garden. This organism can cause endless frustration. To fight out how to fight white mold, check out the guide below. 

Know Your Enemy

The best way to fight a fungus is with your brain. It’s something you have that the fungus does not. Get to know your fungal enemy. This fungus creates hard, black structures to protect it and allow it to spread for many years. Cool weather encourages these structures to produce mushrooms so the fungal spores can be released into the air. They then settle on plants. Besides researching how to eradicate the fungus, you can also consider calling some mold experts, like the ones at Bactronix Mold Removal, for their knowledge and advice.

Remove the Infection

To eliminate white fungus in soil, you have to eliminate everything it infects. This means you need to identify what’s been affected. A plant infected with white fungus will have wilted and dead leaves throughout its stem. The stem will be off-white in color and feel dry. You may see white fungal growth on the stem.

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Additionally, its black structures will form on and inside the stem. The stem of an infected plant is crucial in the white fungus life cycle. Make sure to burn or bury the plants in 8 to 12 inches of soil. Afterward, don’t forget to sterilize all tools and even your shoes.

Change the Environment

Like other fungi and molds, this white fungus likes warm, moist conditions. One way to decrease moisture is to water less often. When you do water, do it in the morning to allow the soil to dry in the sun all day.

Be diligent with pruning your plants so the plant gets enough air—this allows the sun to keep the stem and soil around the plant dry. Consider avoiding thick, low-lying plants that tend to stay moist. Make sure that your plants have adequate space between them.

Sterilize Your Soil

A total overhaul of your yard may be necessary. This is what soil sterilization is for, but it’s hard work. First, till and rake your soil. Then, water it to a depth of one foot. Take a piece of plastic sheeting and cover the entire area tightly. Leave it to bake in the sun for one to two months. Even though it’s back-breaking labor, it can treat far more than just white fungus.

More on White Fungus in Soil

Finding white fungus in soil is like finding lice in your hair. It’s a huge headache and a chore to deal with. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to attack the problem. With some persistence, it shouldn’t take too long to rid yourself of this pesky organism.

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