Whole House Filters for Water Purification: What is It and How Does it Work?

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Whole House Filters for Water Purification

Various purification methods exist when looking to safeguard your family against water-borne diseases. You can either opt for POU or preferably POE filters, commonly referred to as whole house water filters systems.

Whole house drinking water filters have become widespread and popular over the last couple of years. They have proved to be one of the most comprehensive and pocket-friendly methods of accessing fresh and clean water from every home’s faucet and showerhead.

This guide focuses on whole-house systems, explaining their working mechanism, advantages, and how to care for them.

Determining the water filtration system for the whole house

Whole house water filters systems get rid of harmful pollutants at the main water line. That way, every drop that flows from any faucet or showerhead is treated and safe for use.

So, how do whole house water filters work?

How does a whole-house water filtration work

10 inch whole house water filters leverage numerous treatment stages to decontaminate the water.

First, the water will flow into a sediment cartridge where it removes sand, clay, silt, tiny leaves, debris, and other particulate matter. Next, it will go through carbon cartridges that pull out chloramines, harmful gases, heavy metals, and chemicals, including pesticides.

Finally, the water is pushed into a membrane that, basically, does the final polishing. The semi-permeable membrane only allows clean water to go through, flushing out any unwanted impurities that may have escaped the initial two treatment stages.

Using your whole house 10-inch filters in conjunction with UV treatment solutions is an excellent idea as the latter are renowned for their impeccable ability to eliminate 99.9% of microorganisms, bacteria, and viruses. They can also be paired with acid neutralizers that raise the water’s PH levels, making sure we are not hydrating with a glass that contains harmful acid elements.

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What are the advantages of whole house water filtration systems?

The popularity of 10″ whole house water filters is undeniable, and for various reasons. They include:

  • No more toxic hydration: by eliminating and reducing a host of impurities, including but not limited to heavy metals, dangerous chemicals, and bacteria, you can rest assured that you are hydrating healthily and safely.
  • No more foul tastes and smells: as essential as they are, treatment plants dispense water with a bleach-like taste and smell. A water filter 10 inch neutralizes these treatment chemicals, allowing you to enjoy a refreshing glass of pure water.
  • Extended appliances’ working life: with a 10 in water filter secured in place, limescale will be unseen and a thing of the past. That way, you can enjoy the extended working lives of your coffee maker, washing machine, dishwasher, and instant shower heaters.
  • Environmentally friendly: a 10 water filter halts trips to the store to purchase bottled water. Minimizing the use of plastics is an environmentally-friendly act that makes the world better.

Ways to Care for your whole-house water purification filter

Even with the best whole house filters, they are only as good as the care they are accorded. As such, there are various ways to care for your system to achieve high purification rates.

Let’s dive into the details.

  • Monitor the System

Keeping track of how your whole house water hole house filter 10 inch cartridge undertakes its task is vital. Every once in a while, test the water dispensed from the system. Doing so lets you know if the system is in optimal working conditions or if there is a cause for concern.

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Additionally, you need to monitor the system’s flow rate. If the system dispenses water slower than usual, it may be clogged, calling for replacements.

  • Change the Cartridges

Switching your cartridges for new ones is recommended. Depending on the pollutants your system neutralizes and sieves out, the cartridge will soon be soaked in dirt. At such a time, the cartridge will not be able to effectively undertake its tasks, compromising water quality.

Take well water purification systems, for example.

These systems come into contact with numerous pollutants, including arsenic, mercury, and VOCs. Since the whole house well water filtration with 1 inlet uses 4.5 x 10″ filters, the cartridges will soak in these harmful substances fast, requiring an immediate exchange.

Some manufacturers recommend changing them biannually. However, the duration between cartridge replacements depends on what ails your water and your home’s overall consumption.

Final Thoughts

Leveraging whole house systems to fulfill your home’s water purification needs is an excellent idea. It’s a surefire strategy to ensure your home only accesses high-quality water.

Filterway provides the best 10″ whole house water filters to suit your unique needs. All our cartridges are of premium quality and will effectively rid your water of pollutants.

Contact us today for more information.

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