How do I hire a good Tradesman?

A Tradesman holding tools in his hands.

Getting the right tradesman is critical to ensure any job is completed successfully. But if this is not something you do often it can be difficult to know here to start and what to look for. Fortunately it doesn’t have to be!


The first step is to speak to family and friends. They can tell you about any tradesman they have used and if the service they offered was worthwhile. This will help you to add some to your shortlist.

It is also a good idea to check out social media sites. Everyone has an opinion regarding a tradesman they have used. You’ll be able to see the positive and negative comments online. The important thing to remember is that no one can keep everyone happy; there will be negative comments but these should be in the minority.


It is also worth looking at intermediary firms that will give you the tradesman you need. These firms will have already checked the tradesman and you can be confident you are getting someone who knows what they are doing.

Using a firm like will give you peace of mind as you simply deal with them and establish the price for the service you need; they will handle everything else leaving you free to get on with your own jobs.

This can also be a great approach if you are looking for a tradesman that is generally hard to find.


If you are taking on a tradesman yourself then you need to verify that they are really qualified to do the job you want them for. You should ask to see their experience or to see previous work that they have done. If they are not prepared or able to offer this then you need to use a different tradesman.

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This is particularly relevant if you need a tradesman connected with electricity or gas; these substances are too dangerous to be handled by an untrained person.

Get A Quote

It is a good idea to get a quote from several tradesmen; even if you already know which one you would prefer to go with. This doesn’t mean you should pick the cheapest quote but all the quotes you get should be for similar values. If they are not you need to question whether they are trying to overcharge you or if they are including something that the others aren’t.

It’s also a good idea to agree the payment schedule and have it put in writing before the tradesman starts work.

Go With Your Gut

The final decision must be a mixture of your brain processing the answers to the above points and your gut feeling. After all you’ll need to be able to communicate effectively with any tradesman you choose; this will help to ensure the job is completed properly.

If you don’t feel able to talk to them about an issue then you shouldn’t take them on; you need to get the job that you want done not the one that they think you need.

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