3 Features Most Designer Homes Have

A living room featuring designer furniture and a mirror.

Designing your own home is an exciting and challenging opportunity that many people dream of but not everyone can achieve. However, if you’re thinking of building your own home then you should consider including the following 3 features that most designer houses have. They don’t have to be expensive to install and can transform your home.

The real trick when building your designer home is to be prepared; if something can go wrong assume it will!

The Kitchen

The kitchen remains the heart of the home. The simple fact is that this is where the cooking is done, where the family all meet and usually where the best (and worst) conversations are had.

This is also the space that is seen and used by visitors; you need to make it functional, stylish and personal.

Most designer homes will feature a bespoke kitchen, designed to the owner’s specific needs. They will usually incorporate an island and state of the art equipment. It is also common to use stools and a breakfast bar to create the intimate yet relaxed meeting area for each member of the family.

A kitchen with a center island, featuring bar stools.
modern kitchen

An Outdoor Living Area

The next most important feature in any designer home is the outside living area. This is more than just extra space or the chance to bring the outside inside. In fact most designer homes build outside spaces that rival the inside area; there will be seating, a table, lighting and even a second kitchen.

You can entertain outside and practically live outside in the warmer months; something that most families like to do.

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However, it is also important to consider the balustrades when creating your outside living space. If you have a raised area then balustrades ware essential. If not then you’ll find they are a great way to add some style and definition to the area.

When creating a designer home it is best to use the services of a firm like Rail Safe; which will custom build the balustrades you desire.

A patio with a fire pit and a grill featuring designer homes.
outdoor living room

Smart Systems

The third feature that designer homes must have is technology. Smart systems are becoming increasingly popular. In fact some home buyers won’t even look at a home unless it is has a smart system integrated into it.

This is more than just having an Echo Dot on the side. The sockets need to have USB slots, the doorbell, heating and lights need to be connected to a smart system and it must all be integrated into the home. The more invisible the system the better. It really does help to create the home of the future today; even if the outside has been created in the image of a 200 year old mansion!

Of course there will always be personal features on any designer home; these can be loved or changed if the house is ever sold. But, the above 3 features are essential to your ongoing satisfaction with your designer home.

If you’re considering building or buying a designer home; you need to spend a moment thinking about these 3 features and how the designer has incorporated them.

A diagram of a smart home.
smart systems

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