Moving to Fairfax? Here are 3 Neighborhoods to Consider

A city street with cars parked.

Nestled in the suburban span of the Washington DC metro region, the county of Fairfax, is independent in the commonwealth of Virginia. Fairfax is known for its history and heritage, but there is a variety of entertainment for anyone to choose from. It is a unique city that is brimming with vitality, beauty, and history. 

In 2009, Forbes Magazine rated Fairfax as number 3 in “Top 25 Places to Live Well”. The city received this acknowledgment because of its strong public school system, and high median salary. Fairfax County is a diverse area close to Washington, DC that gives it plenty of things to do within the city, and numerous job opportunities. Citizens who live in the county enjoy the area due to its beauty, history, and low crime rates. If you are moving to Fairfax, here are three neighborhoods to consider.

Town of Vienna

The Town of Vienna has a populating of approximately 16, 474, and is ranked one of the best places to live in Fairfax County. In Vienna, residents experience a sparse suburban feel. There are an assortment of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks in Vienna. Many families call Viennahome because of the excellent schools. There are plenty of fun activities, beautiful scenery, and a vibrant downtown atmosphere for families and individuals of all ages to enjoy. Other reasons  residents enjoy living in the Town of Vienna are:

  • Walkable

    – Vienna promotes walking. There are numerous places to visits that are within walking distance of one another. It is a great town for biking as well. 

  • Shopping and Restaurants

    – there is a diversity of restaurants in Vienna that provide fantastic food. Along with great food, there’s lots of great shopping to be done at the Vienna Shopping Centre, which is located off Maple Avenue. 

  • Park Museums

    – Vienna is home to some fantastic park and botanical gardens, where you can enjoy nature and walking trails. Virginia is rich in history, and you can find a lot of museums and historical activities in Vienna.

  • Accessible to DC

    – Vienna is approximately 15 minutes west of Washington, DC. Many of Vienna’s residents commute on the metro to DC for work. Vienna offers the small-town feel yet is close to a bustling city, giving residents the best of both worlds. 


Mantua is one of the places to live in Fairfax county with a population of approximately 7, 200 it offers residents a mixed urban-suburban feel. You will find many restaurants, coffee shops, and parks to enjoy in Mantua. The neighborhood attracts many retirees, and like Vienna, the schools in Mantua are highly rated. 

Mantua is a lovely neighborhood in Fairfax, that sits between Route 50 and Little River Turnpike, made up of mostly single-family homes. The area has always been popular for its sense of community, identity, and mid-century architecture. 

Country Club Hills

Country Club Hills community fates back to 1930 and has continued to develop over the years, and it is now an exclusive neighborhood of approximately 500 homes. County Club Hills has dog parks and big trees, with single-family dwellings typically built on large lots. The neighborhood’s street is lined with trees and rolling hills, so your views are always beautiful. 

The community takes its name from the Washington Golf and Country Club that is the center for recreational and social activities for the community. Country Club Hills has parklands and backs onto Accontink Creek, and it also is walking distance to Fairfax Circle, where there’s restaurants, shops, and a library.  Community is significant for the residents of Country Club Hills and barbeques and ice cream socials, or meet-ups in the park bring the residents together. 

Final Thoughts

Above are just three neighborhoods worth looking into if moving to Fairfax County, but there are numerous communities in the county. The county, in general, is known for its excellent schools. In the county, you can enjoy fine arts and cultural attractions, enjoy world-famous shopping and savor great food at the many restaurants, not to mention its proximity to Washington, DC, where you can take in the city atmosphere.

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