Top Tips for Furnace Buying Guide in Canada

A man inspecting a gas furnace for potential buying.

Over the past year, Canadians have been able to use their furnaces much more frequently more than usual thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. The unstable weather patterns and the incoming holiday season have also made furnaces popular and a necessity in most homes.

Those without furnaces are now on the lookout for new furnaces which will keep them warm during the chilly holiday season. But what exactly do you look for when seeking to buy a furnace in Canada?

Furnaces last approximately for around fifteen years, which one should plan to replace with a new one. A good functional furnace will give you a longer service depending on the brand and make.

In Canada, the typical cost of purchasing a new furnace or replacing an existing furnace varies depending on several factors. A new domestic gas furnace, including installation, will typically cost between $3,000 and $6,000.

What to consider

There are various factors to consider when buying a furnace in Canada. Different brands offer different capabilities in each furnace. The quality of the furnace and longevity period is also a factor to consider. The efficiency of the HVAC is also a pertinent factor to consider. 

Purchasing a new furnace will require the individual to take into consideration some important factors:

Evaluate the furnace 

Choosing to replace the entire furnace might be a costly task. Therefore, evaluating whether you would even need an entire replacement might be dependent on a few factors. 

High-duty furnaces can last the owner up to fifteen years. However, it is best to have a professional contractor check the furnace before deciding to replace it, as some furnaces can well exceed the fifteen-year mark. 

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However, the older the furnace gets, the more expensive it is to maintain its repairs thus utility bills will be costly. Older furnaces are also more prone to breakdowns and might be redundant over time. The new and modern furnaces have more options and offer a variety of settings and modalities to choose from. 

Understanding where to place the furnace is important before purchasing one. Some houses might not come with a fitted furnace; therefore, buying one will require a distinct area to place it where it will function well plus also taking into consideration the size of the furnace. 

The cost of repairs is also a defining factor with furnace purchase. The rising heating costs that come with old furnaces tend to be due to the high-efficiency rates which get worse the more the furnace heats up. A furnace that begins to make loud noises will also need to be replaced as it has worn out and reached its peak. 

However, it is important to note that the right size and output will be better recommended by a professional contractor. A contractor may also advise the client on whether the furnace is red-tagged or need costly repairs. If the results are positive, then a new furnace would need to be purchased. 

Types of furnaces

The different and varied brands available make it easier for potential clients to get a sizeable unit and identify which type they would like. 

Finding a reliable and quality HVAC center is the first step. Many HVAC companies offer a variety of options in their catalog that might interest the modern user. There are several things that one must consider in the types of furnaces available:

  • Efficiency: The efficiency of the furnace will be determined by the amount of heat generated with the fuel consumption. As a result, the right efficiency will ensure that not much fuel is being burnt, therefore conserving energy and utility costs. The efficiency of the furnace is measured in AFUE ratings, which are upheld by the maintenance of the system over the years. 
  • Available warranty: The warranty period of the furnace is important as one would want it to be in perfect condition to prevent unnecessary repairs in between. Unwarranted repairs are costly and would set back the purchaser a couple of years.
  • Thermostats: Modern warranties have smart thermostats controlled by remote control or Smartphone’s. This enables codes to be sent and received even in real-time. 
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Cost of furnace 

The cost of the furnace depends on the brand, size, and efficiency of the furnace. Different installation companies also charge different fees for consultation and installation. It is cost-effective to have a professional heating company install the furnace. This helps them take care of the repairs, thus saving money in the long run. A complete furnace installation will however cost $2500 to $6000 and vary depending on the above factors. 

There are also average operating costs of the furnace over time that should be considered. For instance, the cost of fuel and electricity plays a major role in determining the cost of the furnace. 

Size of the furnace

The size of the home hugely matters during furnace placement. It should be placed in the right area for easy usage. The humidity levels in the surrounding area also affect the furnace’s output. For instance, hot areas do not require high efficient furnaces as opposed to cold areas. Therefore, understanding this will be able to ensure that one purchases one with the recommended output.

Therefore, the size of the furnace ensures that energy is not wasted. A professional contractor will be able to determine the heat loss and heat gain of the furnace and calculate this through three dimensions, the design load, the extreme load, and the part load. 

The design load measures the layout and design of the home, the extreme load analyzes the level of insulation, and the part-load determines how the furnace will perform in normal temperatures. 

Code and technical requirements

It is important to analyze the code requirements of the area or building before purchasing a furnace. These requirements take into consideration the safety requirements, building code requirements, and electric components. 

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There are also government requirements that govern furnace installation. Governmental utility providers may also offer various rebates that make furnace installation simpler and faster. 

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