How To Choose The Best Inflatable Hot Tub For Your Family

An inflatable spa on a balcony.

Imagine coming home from a stressful day at work, and the only thing in your mind is to sink your worries away in an outdoor hot tub with the family.  But, at the time of reading this post, you might not be a proud owner of a hot tub yet. If you’re on the market for an inflatable hot tub for your family, here are seven tips to help you choose the best model:

Size Matters

Inflatable hot tubs can come in different sizes. You may find variants that can fit two, three, four, or six people at any given time. 

But, the figures on the packaging or product description display the number of people that can fit tightly in the tub. If you want some wiggle room for the bathers, particularly for kids, then, consider buying a portable inflatable hot tub larger than the number of household members. 

For example, you might be living in a household with four family members. If so, consider buying an inflatable hot tub for six people. But, bear in mind that the running costs for maintaining the hot tub can be more expensive when you buy a relatively large model. Hence, you may want to stick to a small tub if you’re following a strict budget. 

Think About The Shape

Inflatable hot tubs also come in different shapes. Browse the market, and you’ll see different shape variations for portable tubs. But, you can classify these models into two dominating shapes: round and square. 

Square inflatable hot tubs are ideal for properties with space restrictions. For instance, you may want to bring the hot tub indoors during winter. Conversely, you may wish to purchase a round tub if the space in your property allows it. Round inflatable hot tubs tend to be larger than their square counterparts. 

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Consider measuring the area where you’ll place the hot tub. Then, browse inflatable hot tub listings that are either equal or smaller to your preferred location

A hot tub spa in a backyard.

Find A Tub With An Accessible Control Panel

Hot tubs should take the stress away. Hence, it shouldn’t cause added pressure. So, consider searching for an inflatable hot tub with easy access to a control panel. You don’t want to stand up again after you feel utterly cozy in the hot tub to head to the control panel to maneuver the temperature. 

The best portable hot tub should have a control panel within arm’s reach. Furthermore, the controls shouldn’t require a steep learning curve to use the tub’s features correctly. 

Also, the display on the panel should be bright and clear, so you don’t need to bring in additional light to adjust the tub’s settings in the dark. 

Select The Jet Type

It’s safe to say that all inflatable hot tubs come with bubble jets. Many variants tend to blow these rejuvenating bubbles from the base of the unit. 

However, different household members might have different needs when entering the tub. You or other family members might need hydrotherapy, which involves physical exercises in a pool or tub to aid in the treatment of health issues, like arthritis or partial paralysis. 

If so, then, consider purchasing a portable hot tub with hydro jets. An inflatable tub with hydromassage jets can offer a more relaxing experience than conventional bubble jets. 

However, hydro jets are a premium feature, which means you may need to pay top-dollar to be able to purchase a model with this functionality. 

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Consider Getting Extra Features

If you want a portable hot tub that offers excellent value for your hard-earned cash, think about getting a model with extra features. Several hot tubs will have pumps, heaters, and bubble jets. Remember that you can gain more value from the purchase if you can do more things with the system.

For example, many medium-to-premium inflatable hot tubs will have built-in hard water systems. It may sound counter-intuitive, but this feature can help soften the water to enhance the overall hot tub experience. Furthermore, hard water can be kinder to the skin as opposed to conventional hot tub water intensities. 

Another feature to consider for your inflatable tub for the family is a saltwater system. This particular system chlorinates the water to reduce the risk of harmful chemicals from cultivating in the tub. It’s an excellent function if you want to secure the well-being of your family while they swim or relax in the tub. 

Also, consider buying a portable hot tub with a timer. This feature allows you to set the temperature to suitable levels at a predetermined period. That way, you can enjoy hot water baths for about 10 minutes, and, then, the water cools afterward without the need to use another button or dial. 

Don’t Forget The Cover

The best family-friendly inflatable hot tub should come with a cover. You don’t want to spend extra cash to buy a cover for the unit. However, the cover’s material depends on the model you choose. 

Portable hot tub suppliers may include covers made of leather. But, you may also find inflatable and insulated covers or thermal blankets. 

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But, instances happen wherein  external elements, like natural calamities, damage or destroy hot tub covers. The good news here is that you can buy aftermarket covers, which also means that upgrading to a better cover should be relatively easy. 

Take Note Of Your Budget

You may have the money required to buy the best inflatable hot tub on the market, but know that purchasing that model can also deplete your savings. Always consider your budget before purchasing any hot tub on the market, inflatable or otherwise. If you buy a model that lies within the boundaries of your spending allowance, you may have the extra cash to buy additional accessories for the unit for the entire family to enjoy. 


In summary, consider the size, shape, control panel, jet type, features, and cover before purchasing an inflatable hot tub for the family. Also, don’t forget to take note of your budget when looking at the different models on the market. You should be able to obtain the best family-friendly portable hot tub after taking into account the said factors. 

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