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A man performing AC maintenance by installing an air conditioner in a room.

Do you know what the number one AC killer is? If your guess was something like “dust, clogged air filters, weather damage on the outside unit”, then you got it wrong. Sure, you got some issues right, but you are definitely wrong about the main reason. The main reason is negligence. Because, the truth is – all those issues you have in mind can be avoided if you take proper care of your air conditioning system. Read this.

If you don’t want your system to stop working when you need it most, you need to put a small amount of effort into learning how to keep it alive. Keeping it alive, of course, includes regular maintenance. However, I have found that many people don’t know what to expect from maintenance services, nor do they understand why it is so important. Well, it’s time to learn both of these things. Let’s start with the first one.

How AC Maintenance Is Done

Air Conditioning maintenance is usually scheduled once a year. You hire a professional, they come over and do the regular checkup in order to determine whether the system is working properly. However, in order to know that your technician is doing a good job, you need to know what it is that they should be doing in the first place. So, here are some things you can expect to get from them.

First of all, the expert is responsible for cleaning your air filter and fin. These are bound to get clogged by dust and dirt in the process of working. In addition to that, mold can build up on the fins. All of this can lead to your AC malfunctioning or breaking down, if it is not cleaned. But, with a great technician on your side, you won’t have to worry about that.

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A man performing AC maintenance in a room.

Furthermore, the technician needs to check for any leakages coming from the unit and fix that issue if it exists. This includes checking for leakages from tubes and pipes inside the air conditioning system. During that process, the drain is thoroughly cleaned and any dirt and debris removed from it. That way, the water leakage problem is prevented.

In addition to this, the coolant level is checked during the regular maintenance procedure. If this level is not in order, your air conditioning system might stop cooling and you definitely don’t want that to happen during those high temperatures that come with the summer in Lewisville. We all know how hot it can get and having an AC that appears to work, but doesn’t actually cool, is just like throwing your money down the drain while swear is dripping from you.

Of course, together with the above mentioned things, the technician will inspect your overall unit, including its main components, such as the motor, the compressor, etc. Examining these will make sure that there are no faults with your unit. And, if there are, then the technician can suggest timely repair or replacement.

AC Maintenance

Why It Is Important To Have Your AC Maintained

This question was already answered to some extent in the above paragraphs. If you don’t want your unit to work efficiently, then there’s no need for you to maintain it regularly. Instead, you can just sit back and pray for the best, until it breaks down one day. But, if you want it to really be able to cool you during Texas summers, then I suggest you service it on a regular basis.

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Now, this is important for many different reasons. If you pose this question to any professional and reliable company, such as Southern Comfort Mechanical, I have no doubt that they will take their time to explain it thoroughly. After all, you do need to know that this process is actually good for something and that it isn’t just another way to take your money. And, trust me; it definitely isn’t.

For starters, if you service your AC regularly, you are making sure that it functions efficiently. And, efficiency matters in more than one ways. Your unit will take less time and use less energy to achieve the desired temperature in a room. That leads to significantly lower utility bills than the ones you would get with an inefficient system. Plus, the device is definitely going to last longer due to this, which means that you won’t need to replace it frequently. As you can see, this is rather wallet-friendly.

Yet, proper AC service is not only wallet-friendly, but also health-friendly. If the filters, fins and some other parts aren’t clean enough, then you may be feeling that in the air quality in your home. So, by maintaining your system, you are making sure that the air in your property is of high quality and that it won’t cause any health issues.

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