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Moving house is doubtlessly the most exciting, but at the same time the most stressful period in a homeowner’s life. In order to commence your new chapter, you’re supposed to pack and transport all of your belongings, which proves to be the most arduous piece of the puzzle.

However, in case you wish to truly enjoy your relocation, make sure you hire professionals to assist you in the process. Nowadays, there is a plethora of moving companies you can find online, such as the Mighty Movers website, providing their packing, unpacking, loading, and transport services to their customers.

The following tips will help you hire the most reliable one in your area.

Look for potential candidates

Prior to commencing your search for potential candidates, it’s paramount to determine the distance of your relocating trip. In case you’re moving all the way to a new state, you’d have to hire a company that is licensed for this type of transport. Conversely, if your new home is just around the corner or within the same city, then you’d better hire a local mover.

The best way of starting your list with potential candidates is asking your friends and family for referrals. Probably some of them have used such services beforehand, so they’d provide you with a few options. Another efficient method is contacting a real estate agent, as these professionals come across movers in their field of work. They can recommend some of the removalists their clients frequently hire and your job would be to run a background check.

Nowadays, you can even hire the services of a moving broker whose job is to arrange the whole relocation procedure for you. Anyhow, brokers tend to charge more and they aren’t pursued by law in the same way as regular companies in the case of tricking their customers. In fact, you’re perfectly capable of hiring a mover on your own, without the interference of a broker.

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Do a background check

After finding at least three prospective candidates, make sure you do an online research to inspect their reputation. Place your focus on reading online reviews as well as checking ratings. In case you come across numerous bad comments, don’t hesitate about removing the candidate off your list.

Two men holding boxes in front of a moving truck in Tyson's Corner VA.

Another thing to do is checking the mover’s official website so as to gather essential information about their services. It’s crucial for the website to provide the address, telephone number and e-mail address of the removal company. An official webpage that lacks this data and isn’t updated recently, indicates a surprising unprofessionalism. Visit this page to check out the ten essential things a business website should have.

Actually, removalists should provide an immediate reply to the questions of their potential customers, either by phone or e-mail. Therefore, pay close attention to their responsiveness, as uninterested providers are certainly not worth hiring.

Ask for a quote

Prior to officially hiring a mover, make sure you get an estimate of the overall cost for their services. The mover is supposed to send one of its workers to your home so as to assess the amount of items for transport. Remember to show him/her every single item that needs to be transported, as a way of getting an accurate quote.

Don’t forget to ask about the fees of their additional services. Bear in mind that both packing and unpacking your belongings costs extra money as well as the transportation of fragile items. Calculate these fees carefully to check if they fit your budget.

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In addition, it’s vital for the mover to provide an insurance for your belongings in case anything gets damaged, broken, or lost during transport. Most firms offer a certain percentage of refund which isn’t enough for valuable items.

Therefore, make sure you hire a removal company that provides its clients with a replacement or full payment for the valuables. Naturally, the cost of hiring such services is higher, but it’s definitely worth the extra money.

Wrap up

Hiring a professional mover means being relieved from all the stress and anxiety of the moving period.

Let the professionals do their job in order to truly enjoy the excitement!

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