10 Safe Tips to Get the Outdoor Structure of Your Dreams

A retractable awning covering an outdoor patio.

Is your outdoor garden or pool looking a little desolate? Well, an outdoor structure, such as a gazebo or pergola, can turn your simple backyard into something sophisticated! There are so many types, shapes, and sizes you can choose from, and they are all so beautiful! The trick is finding the perfect structure to suit your backyard and your taste.

If you are worried about coming up with a good outdoor structure to match your home, then we have you covered. Here, with these ten tips—starting from selecting a structure to its completion—you will find everything you need! Let’s get started!  

10 Tips to Keep in Mind When Choosing the Best Outdoor Structure for Your Home

Planning Is Key

When it comes to any type of structural design for your house—indoors or outdoors—you need a plan. You want to make sure you know the type of structure you want and whether it will fit within your budget and your space. 

For example, if you are looking for something private—a personal space for you to relax—consider a gazebo. But, on the other hand, do you want a place to host a party or entertain guests? Then, go for a pavilion with a structural design that allows for more space and is perfect for get-togethers! 

Placement of the Structure

While planning for the structure you want, keep in mind the area you want to keep it in. For example, will it be beside your pool? In your garden? In your front yard? The location where you decide to set up your outdoor structure will immensely affect the kind of outdoor structure you choose. 

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If it is located in a small area, you shouldn’t go for something dramatic and huge like a pavilion. In contrast, if there is a lot of space, a small gazebo might be overshadowed. We suggest taking a walk around your property, assessing the space you have for your outdoor structure, and then deciding on the kind of structure you need. 

Make a List of Your Requirements

Before talking to your engineer or starting your project on your own, make sure to list your requirements or special requests you might have. For example, you might need specific additions to your structure for a particular purpose, such as whether you’ll want to cook there, if you want partial or complete shade, if you need electricity, for example. Your list will also help you during the budgeting process with your structural engineer. 

Make Sure Your Outdoor Structure Suits Your Home

What style of house you have will affect the kind of outdoor structure you choose. For example, for a traditional home, a wood pavilion or a gazebo suits best. For more rustic homes, heavy timber gazebos or wooden pergolas look stunning. 

If you’re fond of hosting parties and may require space for even related activities, a Pop Up gazebo is a fantastic choice. This type of outdoor structure is movable, meaning that you can fix it and remove it whenever you wish. Similarly, the pop up gazebos are available in different shapes, sizes, and colours, depending on the intended purpose.

Consider a Foundation

Your outdoor structure needs to stay in place safely. Therefore, it should have a good base and a sturdy foundation. Piers and footers are well suited for pavilions and pergolas, while a concrete slab or crushed stone will provide a more substantial base for gazebos. Again, if you already have a deck in your backyard or front yard, you can easily mount your outdoor structure in the same place!

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Get an Estimate

After you’ve made your list of preferences and determined the size and kind of outdoor structure you want, get an estimate from your structural engineer. 

This estimate will help you narrow down your choices considerably. You will be able to chalk out the finer details of your outdoor structure project budget and be able to more easily determine which requirements you are willing to let go of and which you’ll keep. And this process can also help you to add something new to your initial idea.

Management of Your Project

Among all things you need to consider, whether or not you can manage your project independently or whether you may need a structural engineer to oversee everything is at the top of the list.

There are certain things to consider here. Check out Serenity Prayer Wall Art. For example, how much knowledge do you have about constructing outdoor structures? Have you done it before? Will you be able to source all the materials you need?

If you have experience in this area, there is nothing better than doing it yourself. Making the outdoor structure on your own will add to its charm and make it even more special to you!

However, if you are even a little unsure, we suggest getting help from a structural engineer. You can contact a good engineer like Rollac, let them know about your requirements, fix a budget, and then sit back and relax and let the professionals take over.

Be Ready for the Mess

Your yard is going to look like a disaster area when you start constructing your outdoor structure. Be prepared for all the delivery crew and trucks to dump all the materials needed to build it ahead of construction. Ask your delivery company to update you about delivery status so that you are not caught off-guard when items arrive. Also, make sure you have enough space to keep it all stored!

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Track Progress

If you are enlisting the help of a structural engineer, make sure to track their progress regularly. No matter how trustworthy they are, being involved in the work they’re doing for you will help you make sure everything stays on track and on budget—such as checking that they are using the right materials, if the structure is looking exactly how you envisioned it, etc. This will also allow you to make modifications here and there as the construction progresses. 


An outdoor structure can add beauty and style to any home. It can be the perfect addition to your outdoor pool or garden and become a place where you can relax after a tiring day! And with these ten tips in mind, we guarantee you will end up with the best outdoor structure ever! So what are you waiting for? Contact a structural engineer today and get started!

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