5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Staging Service When Selling Your Home

Staging service for a living room with a fireplace.

Getting ready to sell your home can be a stressful and emotionally charged time. Although you may be looking to upgrade, downsize or relocate there are still so many memories that are attached to any home that you have lived in.

Inviting people into your home for viewings once it is on the market can be uncomfortable. How your home is shown to potential buyers can make all the difference in the amount of offers that are brought to the table.

You want to present your home to buyers in the most simple and elegant terms. It is important for people to be able to see themselves living there with their families and all of their own things. But, how can you make this happen when each home is a reflection of its owners? Trying to stage your home for the benefit of the sale can be an intimidating and uncomfortable thing to accomplish on your own.

A living room with a staged dining table and chairs.

Where to start? What should be taken out and what should be left? Should you repaint? How many personal items — if any — should be left in sight? So many questions can make it hard to know where to start, but many people are taking advantage of the excellent guide from home staging and styling Perth.

Using a professional styler can help you to make your home into exactly what many buyers like to see, without the emotional baggage that often comes from trying to do it yourself. Home stagers can help you to set up your home in the most attractive and functional way possible to make a sale quickly and with no fuss.

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They Have Industry Knowledge

Home stagers work exclusively in the real estate business. They will bring with them experience as well as professional advice. They are knowledgeable about details such as attractive paint colors, upgrading any areas in your home, how to minimize your furniture and accessories, and how to spotlight the unique features of your home.

Honest Opinion With No Motive

When you hire a professional staging service, you are paying for the assistance that they give you in setting up your home. The company has no interest in the sale value of your home with regards to any commission. This allows you to feel comfortable in the honesty of their advice — their only job is to make your home more attractive to buyers.

No Attachment

Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes is the best way to get started when trying to set up your home to have viewings. Staging experts do not have the same emotional connections that you have to your home and thus can give you direction in a more clinical and helpful way.

They Have Great Contacts

Most professional stagers have been working in the industry for a while. They work with other contractors such as electricians, painters, flooring specialists and window experts. Take advantage of their inner circle of contacts to get some great deals on any work that you may be considering having done.

They Have All The Resources

If you are have already moved out of your home and are going to be showing it empty, a professional stager has access to temporary furnishings as well as accessories for the home. Although it may seem like an empty home would be easier to sell, experts say that potential buyers actually like to see the rooms set up in a way that they look lived in.

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