Magnificent Ways to Make Use Of Space In a Small House

Bright home office space with wooden desk and chair.

Tiny homes can be transformed into a spectacular piece of work with the right interior décor design tips. Many times, people run out of ideas of what they can do with their small space to wow their guests. It is good to know that regardless of the size of your home, you can always get some simple DIY interior décor ideas that can help you decorate your home. However, below are some home interior décor tips that you can use to beautify your small house;

Utilize the walls

A small living room with a blue and white color scheme and a TV.
Utilizing the wall in a small house is a unique way to get more spaces

Because there is no gravity to hold things on the wall, may people opt to leave them open. If you have a small space and a lot to fit in, note that your walls can be transformed into useful space. Other than hanging a painting or photos, you can install hooks on your wall and use them to hold things like your bike or even television. Murals are also a good idea if you would like to use your wall for art because you can have one big enough to cover the whole space.

Fill up awkward spaces

You will realize that most small homes have a certain kind of arrangement where furniture is more on one side of the room. Also, some small homeowner buys furniture that tends to leave awkward spaces in the house. This is when you need to get your DIY hat on because there are several creative ways to fill up such empty spaces. Shelves, for example, are easy to make, and some are even hanging by hooks hence making the work much more comfortable.

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Behind the door

A small home office with blue walls and furniture.
Use that wasted space behind a door to good use, organizing, shelving ideas, storage ideas.

This is one space that everyone forgets about. Behind the door can be used for several things like hanging a shoe holder or hooks for clothes like jackets. Also, note that behind the door can be used to attach several things, including jewelry and even utensils. Keep in mind that you are free to use all the doors in the house as long as you keep it neat. The inside part of cabinet doors are perfect for hanging things like jewelry

Go for skirted furniture

A small living room with a tv.
Try using convertible furniture like sofa beds

This is mostly for tiny homes that require an extra storage room. If we take seats, for example, they usually have their legs exposed. While this creates the essence that a house is more significant, skirted chairs provide the best storage option. Because your home is already tiny, you don’t need any extra space even if it means getting rid of the only free space in the house. Note that you can put skirting on all your furniture by yourself and it is a DIY project that should take you a couple of hours depending on the number and sizes of the furniture that you want to work on.

Double duty furniture

A modern dining room with a wooden table and chairs in a small house.
Dividers help in partitioning small space without using walls

If you have a small space and would like to fit in some furniture, try as much as possible to go for double-duty furniture. There you can order and get a custom one or you can pick one from the stores. It is also advisable to go for convertible furniture like sofa beds. Double duty furniture can be anything from tables with extra storage.

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Use dividers

A small house with a desk in front of a window.
Use additional storage furniture for extra storage

You may want to partition your small space without adding more walls which will eat up more of your space. There are various kinds of’ dividers, and if you are creative enough, you may not have to spend a thing to have one. A simple rope tied from one end of the room to the other and a hung sheet is already a divider that you can use to separate the living room and bedroom.

Additional storage on all furniture

A small kitchen with a large storage cabinet full of jars.
Suitable for small spaces for extra storage

It is easy to get furniture with extra storage, things like tables cover a lot of areas which if transformed to storage space can help you save up some more space. If you cannot find furniture that already has an extra storage space, know that you can always order and get a custom one. Thanks to resources like YouTube, you can also indulge yourself in building unique furniture.

Get creative

A small white bedroom with a bed and a desk.
Creativity helps utilize well small spaces

With your tiny space, a little creativity can help you take advantage of the extra available space like the ceiling. Your furniture can also be built with creative ideas to provide you with extra storage space. If you have a desk, for example, it can be modified to create a simple book storage space and somewhere else to keep your stationery.

Take advantage of the vertical

The vertical space in most houses in more than the spaces on the floor. That is because most furniture is built to stand on the floor. However, there are several things that you can do in

Order to take advantage of the vertical space and use it for storage. You can decide to have very tall cardboards and draws that reach the ceiling without installing a staircase for them. There are so many creative ideas that you can use and create so much space for other things.

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Have some plants in the house

A window sill with small plants hanging from it in a small house.
Plants help create a relaxing atmosphere

A small space is typically squeezed and requires something to create a relaxing mood. Having plants in the house will create a relaxing atmosphere, but you have to make sure that they don’t utilize most of your space. Likewise, you can install shelves held by hooks and have your vases rest on them.

Foldable furniture

Foldable furniture has one great advantage, which is creating the required space when you want it. You can even install a whole foldable bed in your living room, and no one will notice when you fold it up and hide it in its appropriate space.

Bottom Line

Creativity is the best solution when it comes to making use of your tiny space. The best thing is you can find inspiration and ideas from various sources online.

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