Simple DIY Projects for Homeowners

A green garage featuring a black car, perfect for DIY projects.

Are you ready to take on a DIY home improvement project for winter but have no idea where to begin? Millions of homeowners choose to improve the inside of their living space to get ready for the long, cold months ahead. Some add indoor hot tubs and spas, but most want more straightforward projects they can do without the help of contractors.

What’s the answer? Keeping it simple. If you want an affordable interior improvement that doesn’t take months to complete and doesn’t require professional assistance, go for basics, like converting unneeded garage stalls, redoing a floor, adding a backyard shed, and similar tasks. Here are some ideas to get you started on something that won’t break your bank account or your back.

Convert Wasted Garage Space

One of the simplest DIY chores is converting a two-car garage into a one-car parking space. Many homeowners who have the luxury of a two-car, indoor garage only own one vehicle. That makes the project a real money saver and a practical way to use extra square footage. Adopt any one of the many garage organization ideas and tips available online and make the space as tidy as possible. Then to get started, consider setting off the area with a large room divider, adding carpeting, painting concrete walls, insulating all around, and extending electrical outlets to the new room. From there, it’s your choice whether to turn the space into a spare bedroom, a den, a quiet area, or something else.

Finance First, DIY Second

Once you get all your design plans down on paper, make a careful estimate of costs. The wisest move for do-it-yourself enthusiasts is to pay for the project before starting to do the actual work. Fortunately, when you buy all the supplies and provide the labor, it’s easy to make an accurate estimate about a specific project. For millions of homeowners who choose to do small projects, the fastest and most economical financing method is to take out a personal loan from a private lender. That way, there’s flexibility with rates, terms, and amounts borrowed.

Save Big on a New Floor

Consider putting in a new floor in your bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom. Anywhere you have tile or linoleum is a good candidate for a one-person flooring job. Even for people with basic skills, the internet or local home improvement shops can help tell you everything you need to know and how to get started. The job lends itself to creative, hard-working homeowners who want to put in some sweat equity. Plus, you’ll have the luxury to work at your own pace, buy all the supplies from local sources, and save a bundle by doing the labor yourself.

Put Up a Prefab Shed

The great thing about shed projects is that the possibilities are infinite. You can do the entire job from scratch if you have excellent carpentry skills. But, for the vast majority of homeowners, kits are the way to go. Check out local home stores and choose a small shed or storage unit kit that suits your needs. Try to select an exterior style that matches your home and opt for a kit that you can put up alone or with just one helper. The unit’s box will list the estimated time and number of people required for the work. Be careful when purchasing large shed kits because some require cement foundations, which means hiring a contractor to do the initial pour.

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