Decluttering Tips When Preparing to Sell Your House

Decluttering Tips for a kitchen with white cabinets and stainless steel appliances.

When you’ve lived in and loved a house for years, it can be easy to think everyone else will see how spectacular it is when it comes time to sell. However, when potential buyers come knocking, they’ll be looking at it with a critical eye. They’ll look at, and in everything.

From the minute you list your home, assume no space is sacred. For people whose idea of tidying up is to shove things in closets or drawers at the last minute, it’s time to find a new system.

Decluttering is an incredibly effective strategy for making your home appealing to buyers. It makes a house appear spacious, organized and clean – exactly the impression you want to make when selling. Follow these tips for decluttering your home when preparing to sell.

Get Help from Professionals

Some professional organizing companies like NEATSPACES have pre-listing services that can help you get your home ready. Whether it is help with decluttering items, staging your home or doing a deep clean, these companies can provide essential advice on how to get your home in the best shape possible to appeal to potential buyers.

Pack Away Personal Items

While you might not look at your personal knick-knacks and tchotchkes as clutter, others might, and the time to take a stand about it isn’t when you’re trying to sell a house. Go through every room of your home and pack away personal items, family photos, knick-knacks, religious items, collectibles, and artwork. Remember, it’s just temporary, and soon enough, you’ll be able to bring your cherished belongings out in their new home.

Create Space in Storage

When you’re packing away those personal belongings, do not simply put them in closets or cupboards. Many sellers forget, but buyers will almost always look in storage spaces. Storage is essential, and savvy buyers will want to check to see the storage situation. Overstuffed closets, cupboards, drawers and other spaces for storage send the message that your home lacks in this category. Ensure all storage areas are decluttered and what remains is organized and neat by utilizing shelves, hooks, baskets and bins.

Clear Counters and Surfaces

Do some people leave appliances out on their counters generally? Absolutely. But keeping counters and surfaces clear helps create more space, and that’s what sellers should aim to do when selling their homes. Be sure to put appliances away prior to any buyers coming to see the house, and make sure cupboards and drawers are tidy and organized as well to promote the sense of ample space and storage.

Keeping Things Clutter-Free

The focus with decluttering tends to be on pre-listing, but clutter can quickly crop up, so it’s just as important to nip it in the bud while your house is being shown to buyers. Plan in advance to have strategies in place during the selling phase with systems to deal with clutter before it starts. Deal with mail as soon as you open it rather than letting it stack up on the counter, unplug and store chargers after you finish charging devices.

If you have young kids, limit the number of toys that are kept out and have a decorative storage bin on hand to quickly toss them into before potential buyers arrive. Have a bin or basket in bathrooms where day to day essentials can easily be gathered and stored out of site.

When selling your home, pay attention to these areas to get your home looking organized, clean and spacious.

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