11 Garage Organization Ideas & Tips

An illustration of a garage with an organized door and tire.

It is both a curse and a blessing to have a garage. On the one hand, a garage offers a storage solution for rarely used or bulky items, and on the other, it may turn into a cluttered space. Without a clear plan and the right organizing tools, organizing and decluttering a garage may seem overwhelming and unattainable. But here are a few helpful tips to get your garage ready to be flaunted. 

Create a plan

Before you start to organize your garage, it is essential to have a clear vision and a plan for your space and how you would want the space to support your lifestyle. For instance, do you intend to use your garage for just your car or storage space? Whatever you answer, the place needs to be organized accordingly. You can even sketch or create an outline of where you wish to place the items or your car. 

Invest in good quality garage doors and window locks

If the garage doesn’t have a proper door or it’s left open while the door to your house is unlocked, break-ins might occur. That’s why you need to invest in quality garage doors that are long-lasting and sturdy. Some of the garage door designs you can consider are roller, sectional, up & over, and side hinged. You are assured of finding a garage door that suits your taste and the overall decor of your home. But just getting a garage door is not enough, and you must always ensure to secure the entry door. You can even install window locks so that your space is safe and secured. 

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Use the ceiling space

Save floor space by installing overhead storage solutions and using the ceiling space of your garage. You can use the overhead storage for items that you use occasionally or rarely, such as old strollers, seasonal decor, or toys. 

However, ensure the overhead storage solution doesn’t interfere with the garage door’s operation and it has enough clearance to avoid scraping your car’s roof. 

Prevent air leaks between your home and garage

Before installing organizers, inspect your garage space for gaps in the wall, especially the wall shared with your house. If there’s a room above the garage, you need to check the ceiling too. Typically, these are the spots where cold or hot air seeps inside. It is vital to seal these small gaps with caulk, or if the gaps are more prominent, you can consider spray foam. Spray foam is expendable, and they ensure to seal all cracks and crevices. 

Label all the boxes

Not labeling things is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when organizing your garage. It is easy to organize a space and find yourself months later having no idea where your things are, despite spending a lot of time storing them. That’s why don’t forget to label everything from old books to Christmas decorations. 

Install closets

Within a garage, the organization situation may quickly become overwhelming because there isn’t any dedicated space for storing your unwanted items. You can think of installing closets in your garage so you can store away all the junk and not have to look at those items until you need them. 

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You can start by installing one or two closets and scale up to four if you have many things to store and your garage has space for so many closets. 

Refinish with epoxy floor coating for hassle-free clean-up

When the floor is smooth, vacuuming and sweeping are stress-free and quick. You can refinish the garage floor with an epoxy floor coating to ensure the space looks cleaner. Also, the floor is less likely to be dirty again, and you can maintain a weekly cleaning routine. 

Install lights

A lot of people don’t like garage spaces because they find them creepy. Your garage doesn’t have to look that way. You can upgrade your garage’s lighting and electrical system so that the space feels bright and safe. Furthermore, when the space is lit up, it’ll be hard for you to miss those pockets of dust, dirt, and clutter. 

Consider installing open shelves on the walls

Open shelves serve two purposes – keeps everything off the floor and doesn’t hide the clutter, so you are encouraged to organize. 

While you can install closets for junk items, things that you may use in the near future can be placed on open shelves on the walls of your garage. Cabinets with doors quickly become disorganized because you cannot see them. But when the items are out in the open, you have to keep them organized. Moreover, open shelves are easily accessible and great for keeping essential items that you may use. 

Keep your bikes off the floor

Don’t store them on the ground if you have bikes, as they will take up precious space in your garage. You can get bike racks and install them on the wall or ceiling to make extra space, and it will ensure your bikes never fall and scratch your car’s side ever again. 

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Which items should not be stored in your garage?

When it is about keeping your garage organized to keep your car or store items, you must ensure not to store these items in your garage for safety reasons – 

  • Propane – Don’t store propane because a spark could result in igniting the fumes. Propane tanks must always be kept outside. 
  • Paint – Paint gets ruined due to extreme heat or cold. So, paint cans must be stored in temperate areas. 
  • Pet food – If you store pet food in your garage, possums and other animals will get inside. All pet food must be kept sealed inside the house. 
  • Refrigerator – Storing refrigerators in garage spaces is not recommended because it is a huge energy drain in garages that are not air-conditioned. 

So, follow these tips mentioned above to keep your garage organized and free of clutter. You must select an appropriate door for your garage before organizing it.

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