Why You Should Build an Attached Carport to Your House

A house with an attached carport.

A carport is an ideal attached construction for a covered parking built to protect your car from very bad weathers such as rain, snow and dust. With protection it also facilitates proximity to the house. It can be attached to a home as a substitute of a garage or can be built as a freestanding attached construction as covered patios; as a tool shed; for extra storage and as a support for solar panels. An attached carport to your house adds extra value and brings more functionality around your property.

Different types of carport designs

There are different varieties of carport designs available online on different home renovation websites, you can search for the rest of the woodworking plans and designs. You can reach out to carport installation companies like if you are in Australia, you can call a local company builders named carport Sydney, they will build your dream carport within a short period of time.

Here only four DIY carport designs are mentioned because they come with easy-to-follow instruction manual guide books.

  1. Portable – Portable carports are easy to assemble, they consist of ridged and channelled metal sheets that are attached to aluminium or steel beams and are portable and not fixed to the ground. There are also portable carports built of thick and durable tarp (a waterproof cloth).
  2. Freestanding – Freestanding carports are a type that is not attached to any other wall or structure and stands only on four poles with a roof supported by these poles. These are also portable and lightweight, and you can also get them permanently fixed in the ground.
  3. Attached – Attached carports need semi support that is, it needs to be attached to the roofline of your house. One wall of your house supports the carport roof. This type of carport adds appeal and value as it acts as a breezeway between your house and garage.
  4. Custom – These carports are custom made and built according to the owner’s preference and specifications. Custom carports are ideal to protect large vehicles but are slightly more expensive than other types of carports as it comes with prefabricated kit.

Basic factors you need to consider before building a carport

There are a few factors you need to consider before building a carport.

  • Before you start building a carport, you need to ask for all the information about the legal requirements from your local building authority. There may be some guidelines you must be aware of that can cause restrictions in building the structure in some cases.
  • Permanent carports posts need at least three feet digging in the ground. Therefore, you need to check with the utility authority, they will guide you about the buried lines so that while digging you may not damage any underground pipes and electrical conduits on your property.
  • Carports, if built with quality, can add market value to your property, but there will also be additional property taxes you need to pay for the carports.
  • The material you choose to build any type of carport is of utmost importance. You must invest in high-quality material such as pressure treated and water- resistant lumber. A metal carport comes cheap and is easy to build but needs maintenance after a few years.


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