Discover The Top Reasons To Invest in a Carport 

A car is parked in front of a house with a carport. (Keywords: House, Carport)

Carports are becoming increasingly popular, with good reason. As you’re about to discover, they are an excellent addition to any home.

However, before we dive into why you should invest in a high-quality double carport, you should be aware that some states require planning permission before they are erected. It’s essential that you check your local guidelines before you start your project.

Frees Space

If you already have a garage then you’re probably like 44% of Australians that are currently using it for storage. This isn’t a good use for the space. However, that doesn’t mean you should clear it to park your car. Instead, consider investing in a carport to give your vehicle somewhere to park.  

You can then use the garage space for something more practical, such as a gym or an extra bedroom.

Of course, if you don’t have a garage the carport will free space in your yard as the car has a designated spot. It’s also a lot cheaper to build a carport than a garage.

Protects Your Vehicle

Carports are an effective way of keeping the sun and the rain off your vehicle. Both of these elements can damage the paintwork and rubber seals on your vehicle. This decreases the value faster. 

The carport will also offer you protection from the elements, making it nicer to move between your home and your vehicle. 

Consider how close your car got to being damaged in the last storm and you’ll appreciate the importance of protection from the elements.


A carport is convenient. You can drive straight into it without the hassle of opening and closing your garage door. It protects you from the elements and it can be illuminated. You can even design a storage area into the carport if you need it. 

In short, you’ll find a carport much more convenient to use than a garage.

But, having a carport also means creating a solid base for your vehicle. This may be something you don’t currently have. A solid base means no more walking through mud and puddles to get to your car. That’s more than convenient, it’s practical.

Increase Property Value

You may not have considered this but a carport will increase the value of your property. Although the structure isn’t a significant outlay, the added convenience makes your property more attractive and practical. This increases interest level when you decide to sell and effectively pushes the price up.

Can Be Customized

A carport can be a very simple affair. But, it can also be customized in any way you like to reflect your personality or the style of your home.

You’ll need to think about the various styling options before you commit to one, but you’ll find there is little stopping your imagination.

The great thing about carports is that you can put them up yourself or you can get the professionals to do it for you. They are surprisingly easy to build and look great. If you’re not thinking about one, it’s time you were. 

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