6 great reasons to choose ducted air conditioning for your home

A living room with white furniture and ducted air conditioning.

There is nothing as nice after some fun adventure or returning from the tropical Queensland weather to walking into your home and being able to turn on the air conditioning to cool down and feel relaxed within a few seconds. Or maybe you wish to warm up after being caught in a storm?

There are still those who still rely upon the use of a fan, and there are homes with air conditioning systems that are now getting close to their sell by dates. If it is time for an upgrade or you wish to instantly upgrade your home, then looking at the options of ducted air conditioning in Brisbane is the way to go.

About ducted air conditioning

Ducted air conditioning is a system where cold air is sent from one central unit, located, tastefully out of sight, down the ducts to serve several rooms through grills or vents. This is an alternative to non-ducted systems, which require units for each separate room.

Here are 6 great reasons to choose ducted air conditioning

1. Modern technology allows zone settings to allow different temperatures in each room, which is ideal if you have infants requiring slightly warmer temperatures in their bedroom.

2. The units are out of sight down the side or at the back of the home or in the roof, so their presence is hardly noticed. The ducts generally feed through the ceiling, so again they are not noticeable inside aside from unobtrusive ceiling grills.

3. Going for a ductless system is good for your health as they contain air purifying filters that absorb germs, pollen, dust, mildew, and odour-causing gases, all beneficial to any allergy sufferers.

4. The installation will immediately add value to your home, meaning that your everyday comfort also proves to be a wise investment, and will be installed in days.

5. Having just one unit means that service charges are kept to a minimum, as is any time spent on them, meaning an increased comfort and peace of mind. Your single unit will distribute cold or warm air more evenly and efficiently than traditional units, resulting in a consistent temperature throughout the home.

6. The one unit away from all the rooms means you won’t hear a thing, meaning total relaxation and comfort. No distractions keeping you awake or spoiling a beautiful night in watching TV.

Treat yourself and your home to ducted air conditioning today

Live in optimum comfort, improve your life through associated health benefits as you change your house into a home without any detriment to its look. And you get to increase its value in no time at all! Don’t delay, improve your life and health by installing ducted air conditioning.

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