5 Reasons Why Contemporary Interiors Are So Popular

A contemporary living room with blue couches and a coffee table.

Contemporary designs are a hot trend in interior design these days. People love the sleek, modern look of contemporary styles and they’re quickly becoming one of the most popular looks out there. In fact, it’s been reported that contemporary is now the fourth most popular style on Houzz! In this blog post we will explore some reasons why so many people have fallen for this trendy design trend.

Contemporary interiors started to gain popularity about twenty years ago when people started moving towards more open floor plans. People wanted to create spaces where they could live, work and play all in the same room so contemporary design provided them with that lifestyle. One of my favourite contemporary interior brands is Luxe Emporium. They have a great collection of furniture, artwork and accessories that will really help you complete your contemporary interior.

Modern Look & Feel

Contemporary designs are sleek and streamlined which is one reason why it’s become such a popular choice for homeowners today. Contemporary styles often feature clean lines, sharp angles and lots of straight furniture pieces like tables or chairs. This look also tends to avoid decorations like curtains since everything looks cleaner without them hanging around! Instead, there tend to be fewer decorative items throughout the space, but large pieces of artwork or interesting wall coverings instead take centre stage. Since it’s only been around for 20+ years (in mainstream terms), it’s not too late to jump on the bandwagon and get a contemporary style for your home today.

A contemporary living room with white walls and wooden floors.

Easy To Create

Contemporary design is easy to pull off, which makes it even more popular than traditional styles these days. When people are outfitting their homes with new furniture pieces, they usually want the entire look of the space surrounding them to be cohesive and not too complicated. Contemporary styles avoid things like patterned wallpaper (which can easily become overpowering), extravagant chandeliers (because who needs something like that in every single room) or an assortment of different types of flooring materials (there’s no need for parquet floors next to plush carpet). This style pulls together everything seamlessly so homeowners don’t have a million different things to think about when they’re trying to pull the look together.

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A contemporary living room with plants and a green chair.


Contemporary designs are incredibly functional for today’s lifestyles. People have busy lives and sometimes it can be challenging for them to keep their homes looking neat, organized and clean all of the time. Contemporary styles tend to feature open spaces that give homeowners more room in which they can store items or spread out during a party rather than using furniture pieces like ottomans or coffee tables as makeshift storage units! It makes life so much easier being able to find everything you need quickly without having drawers or cabinets getting in your way while you’re entertaining guests around the home.

A contemporary living room with hardwood floors and a fireplace.


Contemporary designs are space-saving by design, which is why they’re so popular among today’s homeowners. People want to maximize the square footage of their homes while also being able to have lots of storage options in every room. That can sometimes be challenging when you’re trying to piece together a more traditional style with antique pieces that may not necessarily go well together! Contemporary styles allow people to find furniture pieces made from modern materials or sleek finishes without having too many colour clashes throughout the home. This makes it easier for them to keep track of where everything belongs and what goes best with other items in different rooms around the house.

Contemporary can also be described as minimalist because it only uses the essentials without adding extra bulk or weight of traditional design pieces like sofas, armchairs and coffee tables. Instead of bulky items that take up space in a room, people prefer furniture with clean lines such as lounge chairs or benches instead of couches or side tables which often have excess designs where more modern styles offer fewer details. 

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Contemporary living room featuring a couch and a tree.

Easy To Clean

Contemporary styles are easy to clean. People want their homes to look the best when they have guests coming over or simply feel like hosting a small dinner party with family and friends at home! It can be challenging sometimes to keep up with traditional designs because of all the intricate details in carpet patterns, wallpaper and furniture pieces that may not go together seamlessly throughout every room in the house. Contemporary styles offer people more opportunities to use materials such as glass tables without worrying about any stains creeping into wood finishes or other discolouration’s from food spills.

This style also offers homeowners less places where dust bunnies could potentially gather compared with traditional styles since there aren’t many areas for it build up. It means that it’s easier for people to maintain the look of their home with less risk of dusting off cobwebs in different areas!

Hopefully these 5 reasons have tempted you to take a look at contemporary design styles in your own home. I love contemporary design because it makes for such a clean and luxurious look that everyone can enjoy! I’m sure you will find at least one reason why this style is suited to your home too…

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