How to connect the Inside of Your House to the Garden

A house with a garden and pond, connecting indoor and outdoor spaces.

The link between the garden and the rest of the house should not solely be a door. Although this connecting portal is quite important, it is not sufficient, and other elements should come in, to link both parts of where we live. Here are a few ways that we can address the issue, so that we can integrate our inside and outside more to one another.

Add Glass Openings

Whether they are windows or doors, glass is the main material that you should be looking for, to better linked your garden to the rest of your home. Obviously, there should be the usual openings on the connecting wall, but why not go further in the process and create a glass rooftop over the room?

The addition of light will clearly associate both locations. Furthermore, during the day you will see the sun, while in the evening and night, the stars and the moon; just as if you were already outside. Since aluminium doors and windows come in so many different sizes and shapes, and you can customize them as you want, you’ll be able to find the right ones that will unite the garden to your home. Look up, to initiate your search.

Continue the inside Floor Outside

The best material to use, if you decide to continue the inside floor into the garden, is certainly ceramic tiles. However, that implies that they have to be resistant to all weathers, so you will need to enquire at the store, before you choose the ones to install at home. Once you have found them, call upon a business specialized in laying tiles, so that they can really make sure that the impression of continuity works.

A simple incongruity in the way they unfold, could cause the whole idea to lose a lot of its original idea, to bring the inside world, outside. Therefore, it is best to not do the work by yourself, unless you are a professional at this.

Continue the Roof thanks to a Canopy

When you add a canopy, to your outside terrace, it almost feels like it becomes an added room, even though it is not closed-up. The sensation is helped by the fact that you can more easily heat a terrace with a rooftop over it. Therefore, even if the weather is not so great outside, or it gets a little cold, you can still spend time on the terrace, using outdoor heat lamps. Nothing better than a good book, a cup of coffee or tea, and a blanket, to spend time on a covered terrace, in the early autumn days.

From the Kitchen to an Outside Dining Room

This is certainly an easy way to create a strong link between inside and outside the house. If the room that opens up to the garden is the kitchen, then the best thing to do is to create a dining space on the terrace, right outside. Make sure that you insert an opening on the wall, from which you can transfer plates easily, in and out, so that you don’t have to keep the backdoor open, all the time.

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