It’s Almost Fall: Fireplace Decor

A cozy log cabin with a stylish mantel and a fireplace.

Fall is right around the corner. The weather is getting cooler, and pumpkin spice lattes are about to be back on the menu.

With fall weather comes fire season. Those golden orange flames fit neatly into fall decor. This makes the fireplace a great place to start your fall decorating.

But a lot of people don’t actually burn fires in their fireplace. And that’s understandable. In the south, it’s too hot to light a fire until mid-February. And sometimes it’s just too great a hassle to start one.

But the firebox can be a super powerful decoration tool, fire or no fire. Let’s look at some ways to weave the firebox into your fall decor.

Get Some Fireplace Doors

Fireplace doors serve two purposes. First, they can be just beautiful. An empty firebox looks like it’s missing something.

A set of fireplace doors closes off the fireplace so it doesn’t look empty. You can get custom doors and choose between all sorts of frame colors to match your room decor.

Second, fireplace doors make lighting a fire less of a hassle. While you don’t want to burn your fire with the doors shut, you can shut them on the dying embers and soot.

Closing the doors right after the fire has gone out means you can leave the flue open to let that last bit of smoke escape without worrying about your room being cold the next day. You can also rest easy knowing all that dirty soot is in the firebox and won’t be blowing onto your carpet and furniture during the night.

The best part? Many fireplace doors come with tempered glass in tints that hides the ashes during the day so you don’t have to stare at a dirty firebox. Glass fireplace doors add some luxury to your firebox.

Utilize Candles

Fireplaces are built to contain fires. Even if you don’t want a blazing flame, you can add fire in other ways.

Candles don’t have the same force as a roaring fire, but they do provide some golden flames. Plus, you can incorporate some fall colors into your candle holders!

Or try using an assortment of pumpkins and candles. Then for Halloween, you can turn those pumpkins into Jack O’Lanterns. They will look great inside your fireplace, especially if it’s a masonry fireplace with real brick.

If you don’t want real flames, lots of companies make fake candles with realistic flames. That way you can have the ambiance of flickering candles without the worry of real flames.

Fill the Firebox

For something unique, fill the firebox with something not fire-related. You can stack books in the firebox or fill it with fresh fall flowers.

Try using greenery and white pumpkins for a modern look. A taupe blanket and a metal jug of flowers has a farmhouse appeal.

Get creative! Use things you already have or things you find outside to put inside the firebox. These items can spill out over your mantel to create a full, welcoming look.

Use Wood

Even if you don’t burn in your fireplace, stacking a couple nice logs on a log grate can fill up the fireplace and remind people of a fire. Try to choose some pretty logs like white birch or a great big piece of pine.

This works especially well for certain types of fireplaces. If your firebox is metal plated, logs tend to look better than candles inside.

Final Thoughts

The fireplace is such a powerful decorating tool. Let’s take advantage of it with fireplace doors, Jack O’Lanterns, birch logs, books, and more!

The fall season is the perfect time to spice up your fireplace with or without real flames. A well-decorated fireplace is the perfect place to cozy up beside on the upcoming chilly nights.

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