What is architectural glass? 

A glass house featuring architectural glass.

Architectural glass provides enhanced quality to your living space. It can be used to describe the glazed elements in the building. This generally means expansive glass facades and glass used to form a feature of a building.

Besides adding aesthetic beauty to your structure, there are other reasons this feature could be the best option for your building. Let’s learn more.

Why Should You Use Architectural Glass?

Architectural glass has been used in the formation of buildings for many years. For instance, clear glass windows were first used in houses in the 1600s, and since then, glass has continued to be an important building component utilised around the world.

The glass used in buildings provides more than just a visual aspect. Compared to other materials, glass is lightweight, so when used, the overall dead load of the structure is greatly reduced. Also, the occupants of such buildings enjoy uninterrupted views of their surroundings. Provided they are installed well, there will be adequate natural light entering the building, which is great for improved productivity.

Beneficial features

There are many practical advantages of using this material to design a building. There are various types of glass, and they bring different benefits. You can choose to use wire, plate, sheet, and flint glass. Overall, they all have the benefit of enhancing the visual appeal, while also improving the strength of the structure.

By using glass to construct a building, you will reduce the negative impact that the project might potentially have on the environment. This is due to the fact glass is more sustainable than other materials such as plastic. 

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The glass will block heat transfer, so you will need fewer resources to ensure internal heat and climate control. Compared to other building materials, glass will remain for a long time, and it will never degrade of rust. This means you will save a lot of money in the long run. When other people spend money to repair and maintain their structures, you will only be cleaning the glass to keep it in good condition.

A fire pit integrated with architectural glass in the middle of a house.

Other than its beauty and lower impact on the environment, it has become more increasingly popular these days. This means that there are many suppliers, so you won’t spend over the odds to locate some. You can choose to buy from online or brick and mortar dealers at affordable rates.

How to find the best suppliers

As we have already discussed, there are many types of architectural glass, which means the cost varies. If you have never used the products before, picking the best suppliers becomes a real struggle. 

Here are a few tips on how you can find reliable dealers.

1. Know what you are looking for

Based on the size of the project and the amount of space you are looking to cover, there are specific glasses you need to invest in. Therefore, talk to your architect for recommendations. That way, once you begin searching, you will have the right measurements and description of the type of material you want to buy.

2. Have a budget

Even if you know the right type of glass to look for, it is important that you create a solid budget plan. Remember, due to the competition that keeps getting stiffer, suppliers charge differently for their products. However, you must never skimp on quality. When constructing a budget, be sure to spend money on high-quality glass, even if they cost a little more.

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3. Investigate online reviews

To find the best dealers within your proximity, ensure you check out online reviews. Through reviews, you will see what past clients have said about various suppliers. iBe sure to go through as many reviews as possible. Most of the time, it is important to check out the reviews with between 3 and 3.5 stars since most of them tend to be honest.

Is it safe?

Though this is an important question, it is hard to give a conclusive response. This is because quality varies among manufacturers. However, if you get the best dealers, you can be sure that you have invested in a product that is just as safe as a concrete wall.

Some glass is up to six inches thick and can still let adequate light in. Therefore, the overall safety depends on the supplier you are ordering from and the quality of the glass they have for you. 

Safety also depends on how the glass is installed. Make sure that the work is done by a professional installation team and checked over by your architect. 

A room with architectural glass and cactus plants.

Final Thought

Architectural glass has become more common in the modern construction industry. Asides from giving your structure an exquisite design, it will allow natural light into your space.

If you are not sure about what factors to look out for, ask someone with experience in architectural glass to guide you. They might take some time to install, but once the work is done, they will stay intact for a very long time.

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