Home Improvement: How to Create an Eco-Friendly Outdoor Space

An outdoor space with green furniture and a pergola.

 Do you have a passion for protecting the environment? Well, why don’t you start with your own home? Whether you are designing a new outdoor space or remodelling an existing one, going green is the best idea. An eco-friendly outdoor area not only enhances the appearance but also increases the value of a property. Additionally, it provides a healthy and friendly home atmosphere making it a preference for many homeowners. 

 Most people find creating a green outdoor space challenging since they feel that they lack the necessary skills or experience. Additionally, they doubt if they have enough funds to cater to all that is needed to transform their outdoors into an eco-friendly space. Fortunately, you do not require technical skills and years of experience to afford this service. Here are a few simple ideas on how to create an eco-friendly outdoor space.

 How to Create an Eco-Friendly Outdoor Space

 If you want to create an eco-friendly outdoor space for your home, consider the ideas below:

 Create an Eco-Friendly Garden

 While most homeowners focus on the interior living space, it is also important to make the surrounding environment eco-friendly. Therefore, you can consider creating a garden as one of the ways to add a touch of life to your outdoor space. When creating your garden, opt for plants and flowers that are native in your region to reduce transportation costs. In addition to this, look for those with little maintenance and water consumption needs to save on bills. With your selected plants and flowers, you can create an outdoor focal point, a feature that adds to the visual appearance of your outdoor space. Creating a beautiful eco-friendly garden is one of the ways to make your outdoor space calmer and cosier.

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An outdoor space featuring an aerial view of a garden with a wheelbarrow and hose.

 Build a Deck

 A well-built deck improves the appearance of your outdoor space. However, finding the right decking material can be challenging. Most homeowners opt for wood, which is a cheaper option but short-lived. Additionally, wood decks require a lot of maintenance, which may be expensive in the long run. Another common option is plastic or vinyl decking. Although this option is durable with fewer maintenance needs, it lacks an appealing visual aspect compared to wood. 

 For the best decking option, go for composite decking. Composite decks or wood-plastic decks are decking materials made of a blend of plastic and wood fibres. They portray the advantages of plastic deck, durability and little maintenance, as well as the beautiful appearance of real wood. If you want to build a beautiful eco-friendly deck, then composite decking should be your go-to option.

An example of a leading composite decking supplier is Build Deck UK.

A covered outdoor space with a table and chairs.

 Creating a Green and Lush Lawn

 A green and lush lawn adds a touch of life to your outdoor space making it calmer and more inviting. Planting natural grass, though challenging and time-consuming, is worth the hassle. You need to put in much effort, time and resources in seeing your grass grow to offer a beautiful and uniform cover. Water your grass regularly and protect it from bugs that may destroy it to achieve the desired outcome. If your lawn is large, you may introduce pathways to reduce the size of the grass area. Pathways are also useful in preventing foot traffic on your planted grass.

 Set Some Furniture

 With the eco-friendly basics of your outdoor space well set, the next thing is to make the space more accommodating. You may do this by adding some furniture such as putting a dining area, a social space or even an outdoor grilling spot, depending on the available space. When getting furniture, go for the eco-friendly options. For example, teak is known for its durability, beauty and is also a renewable resource. You may also acquire older unique furniture that requires little refurnishing to add character to your space.

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A wooden bench in an outdoor space.

 Choose Eco-Friendly Textiles

 Being passionate about the environment means that everything you use for your outdoor space should be gentle on the environment, including every piece of textile you choose.

 For example, the rugs should be made from natural and renewable materials such as sisal, jute and bamboo. Additionally, you may set up recyclable or retractable shades of canopies to cool your space. Your furniture cushions should also be made of eco-friendly materials.

 Decorate With Nature

 When going green, your décor, too, should follow suit. You may use natural décors such as installing a small fish pond, a birdbath and some potted plants. Additionally, you can add some unique crafted sculptures, natural wall art, steps, mosaics, planters and wind chimes. Implement some DIY natural décor tips to add a touch of beauty to your outdoor space.

An outdoor space featuring a pond in the middle of a garden.

 Add Natural Lighting

 When lighting up your outdoor space, go for natural, environmentally friendly lighting, such as solar energy. Solar lighting will cast a soft and pleasant light on your flower beds. It will also provide ambient light for outdoor parties. Set your lighting needs as per the atmosphere and the mood you are aiming for. Other than being eco-friendly, solar energy also helps save on electricity bills.


 There are numerous ways to create an eco-friendly outdoor space. Consider trying the ideas above and discover that you do not need to sacrifice your style to go green. Start the journey to a greener future using these simple tips.

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