New House Essentials: 10 Must Have Items for Your New Place

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Moving to a new home soon? These new house essentials should be the first thing you purchase.

Did you know that on average, 40 million Americans move every year? Whether for economic reasons, for school or even to enjoy retirement, the house moving industry is constantly growing. 

What can you do to make your move successful and as stress-free as possible? One thing is to decide in advance what you will need in your new house. Those new house essentials can make your settling period easier and quicker. What items are essential to your new house?

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1. New Door Locks

You may be thinking about artwork for the wall or the latest Alexa, however, instead of these, this item should be at the top of your priority list. 

It is impossible to know the full history of the house, even if it is newly built. The existing lock may not have been changed for years. You do not know how many copies of the house’s keys have been made. 

You can change this situation with one simple purchase. By purchasing a new lock, you know instantly how many keys exist and who possesses them. Fitting a new door lock is easy to do and assures that you can sleep with peace of mind.

2. A Security Alarm

Unfortunately, new residents can be a magnet for criminals. New residents are adjusting to their new surroundings and often need time to secure their personal possessions. This provides a window of opportunity to would-be burglars. 

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Get ahead of the curve by having a burglar alarm fitted as soon as you move in. As a bonus did you know that a burglar alarm can in some circumstances reduce your insurance premium?

3. Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

If they are not already installed and functioning, purchasing and fitting Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors is a crucial step for new homeowners. While we all hope we will never use them, statistics show that they do save lives every year.

Even if your new house does have smoke and carbon dioxide detectors fitted, you should check their age, and of course batteries. Since you need these to protect you and your family’s lives, you should not trust that the installed detectors are sufficient.

4. A Quality Bed

It is not always logical to purchase new furniture for your house. After all you already have a lot of expenses and the resale value of furniture is generally not high. However, there are real advantages to purchasing a new bed. 

Bed’s and mattresses retain their value, meaning that in the future should you need to move you can sell this bed and purchase another. Perhaps more importantly, the first weeks in a new house are stressful and exhausting. Having a comfortable supportive bed to sleep on can make all the difference to you – and your back. 

If you have recently purchased a bed and want to bring it safely to your new home, you will need expert assistance. We like who have a long history of safely transporting furniture and take care of your personal possessions as if they were their own furniture.

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5. A Comfortable Sofa

If your new house is larger than your previous one, you may not immediately be able to fill it with the furniture you want. However, a comfortable couch should be near the top of your list. Why?

Because we spend so much time there. Whether you are a fan of Netflix, or love to have guests around, or simply love to sit and read a good book, likely this will all involve your couch. 

A couch is an investment that may not raise the value of the house, but almost always contributes to your happiness.

6. A Coffee Maker

A coffee maker may seem like a real luxury item, but trust us this is also a necessary investment. Your first weeks in your new house are likely to include lots of furniture moving and moving of boxes. You will need all the energy that you can get to face this seemingly never-ending task. 

At the same time, you will likely be receiving lots of guests. Whether old friends who are curious about your new place or your new neighbors, there will be lots of people who you will want to offer a coffee to.

A coffee maker will save you time, give you energy and help you make new friends.

7. Cleaning Products

Whether your home is brand new or was previously inhabited – you will likely have a sizeable amount of cleaning to do. This may be a case of removing dust after the building work finished or it may be removing the musty smell that houses have after remaining uninhabited for a while. In any case, the sooner you clean it thoroughly, the sooner it will become more truly yours. 

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If the previous owners have not, you could arrange for a professional company to perform a deep-clean of the entire house, or at least the kitchen. If not, you can simply call in a few favors, shell out of cleaning chemicals and get to work yourself. 

8. Organizational Tools

Owning a new house brings a whole list of legal documents. You will need to keep many of these for the duration of your ownership of the house. It is wise to start collecting theses and storing them in an organized fashion.

Some you will want to keep in a fire-proof safe – such as your title deed. Others you should scan into your computer to ensure that if the physical copy is damaged, you still have an electronic copy.

In any case, investing in organizations tools, even if just a folder can save you headaches later on.

9. A Keypad for One External Door

This is a practical tip that can save you time in an emergency. We have all been locked out of our house at one time or another. Avoid this situation by installing a keypad lock on one door. This means that even if you lose your key you still have a way in.

This is especially useful during your move-in as your mind is busy with many things and you have two sets of keys on your keyring. 

10. A Sketchpad

When you purchase a house, you want to be yours as soon as possible. This does not just mean that you hold the title deep. You want it to reflect your personality and tastes as soon as possible.

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Take one room at a time, a sketchpad, and some colored pencils, and plan your finishes. If you are on a budget it may stay in the planning stages for some time, however at least planning what you would like to do with it will give you a sense of ownership. 

New House Essentials and Much More

Moving house can be a stressful time. However, taking the time to plan it well and purchase those new house essentials can make your life a little easier. If you are considering moving and would like to make it as stress-free and easy as possible, we are here to help. 

We leverage our years of experience in the moving world to provide guidance and authoritative articles to help you through the process. Why not take a few minutes to follow our blog and see how we can help you today. 

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